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Easy-to-Use Virtual Career Fair and Online Hiring Event Tools







Create more meaningful virtual connections between your students and recruiters with a complete virtual career fair and online recruiting event solution that lets you easily create, promote, manage, host, and track attendance for your school-branded events:


Fully-embedded live video for 1-to-1, 1-to-many or many-to-many virtual meetings with screen share


Live chat for in-app messaging between students+advisors, employers+students, and more


Mobile-first design with integrated email, in-app announcements, and SMS/MMS texting with automated reminders 




Real-time event engagement reports and at-a-glance metrics to track outcomes and prove ROI

Virtual Career Fair



Let us help you streamline your virtual job fairs and recruiting events. 

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“GradLeaders new fully-embedded video solutions are incredible! Can’t wait to use it for other virtual meetings and events!"

— Kelly Crispell, Recruiting Manager, Cornell University, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management


Our Fully-Embedded Solution Makes It Easy for Everyone Involved

Managing the logistics of having multiple employers virtually connect with multiple students at the same time can be difficult. And hybrid events present all new problems. But not with GradLeaders! Our new fully-embedded solutions make it easy to maximize student+employer engagement and simplify reporting with a single, easy-to-use solution for everyone. 


Virtual Company Events


Career Centers can:

  • Host their own virtual career fairs (plus hybrid events coming soon)
  • Create a customized lobby with school branding
  • Specify schedule templates with open queues and/or fixed timeslots
  • Utilize a Career Center booth for student support
  • Allow 1-on-1, 1-to-many, or many-to-many video meetings
  • View real-time metrics of student and company engagement
  • Allow guest access for participants who aren't registered users
  • Track employment outcomes to specific events
  • Utilize built-in communication tools to send announcements to all participants
  • Charge employers with in-app payment processing to make this a profitable revenue generating tool
  • Customize colors, logos, screen messages, email templates, SMS templates, event information, queue cards, schedule templates, and more


Students and Job-Seeking Alumni can:

  • Research employers and favorite companies prior to the event
  • Find open opportunities and submit resumes before the career fair starts
  • Queue for multiple booths at once or signup for fixed timeslots
  • View dynamic "wait times" to see where they are in the queue
  • Receive text messages and on-screen notifications when "next in line" and "ready to meet"
  • Signup for specific employer timeslots in advance or find available timeslots during the event
  • Join meeting within 30-seconds or get automatically bumped down the queue
  • Rejoin meeting if internet drops or close window on accident within first 15-minutes
  • Drop resumes for target companies even if they don't virtually meet with employer

GradLeaders Virtual Job Fair 2.0

Virtual Company Recruiting Event


Employers and Recruiters can:

  • Create company-branded booths with logo, jobs, internships, and more
  • Select from fixed timeslots or open queues for students
  • Post open opportunities for career fair participants
  • Invite one or multiple candidates in to the “booth”
  • Review resumes before admitting candidates to the virtual booth
  • Capture notes, assess and shortlist candidates any time during the career fair
  • Quickly “end queue" to “close booth” but notify candidates they can still drop resume
  • Generate resume books following the event including resume drops, scheduled timeslots, or queued booth visitors


Are you an employer or workforce development organization looking to host your own virtual career fair or online recruiting event?

Learn more about our Virtual Recruiting Event solution for Employers


Customer Service and Best Practice Advice


More than Software. Industry-Leading Support and Best Practice Advice.

Take advantage of our world-renowned customer service and best practice advice based on 30+ years of industry experience. Our knowledgeable team will arm you with on-demand resources and connect you to an expert community that will help you take your virtual job fairs and online recruiting events to the next level.


On-Demand Resources

  • In-App Guided Walkthroughs
  • Templates & Marketing Kits
  • Blogs, White Papers & Reports

Knowledgeable Team

  • Dedicated Implementation Manager
  • Strategic Partnership Team
  • Live Chat, Email & Phone Support

Expert Community

  • User Groups
  • Best Practice Examples
  • Events & Webinars


“My first virtual career fair experience was exceptional. The platform we used through HireFresnoState was extremely easy to navigate as a first time user and I sincerely appreciated the one-on-one time we were allotted with each industry of our choosing. We did not have to waste any time in conversation discussing resources as they were conveniently located within each of the booths and easy to access before, during, and after each call. I was also very impressed by the actual video chat system utilized as it provided us with a countdown to keep track of time, signal strength and test call capabilities!"

— Current Student - Animal Science Major at California State University, Fresno



Looking for an easy way to host a virtual career fair this year? Want to simplify your online recruiting events in the future? Whether used as part of our complete career services platform or as a stand-alone module, GradLeaders makes it easy for everyone involved. We’d love to not only show you a demonstration but also share best practices we learned from our school partners’ virtual events last year.

Review the FAQs or contact us to learn more or schedule a quick demo today: 


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