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Virtual Tools

To enhance its virtual career center capabilities, GradLeaders is embedding video meetings, chat, and other web real-time communication functionality from category leader Twilio into its GradLeaders Career Center system.  Functionality and timelines for release are outlined below.

The solutions are a high priority on our product roadmap and will be rolled out incrementally throughout Summer/Fall 2020. 

Dates below are tentative and will continue to be updated as development progresses

  • Real-Time Video/Audio (Available Now!)

    • Meeting rooms will be available in multiple capacities ranging from one-on-one to large groups of 50 users.
    • Virtual tools for Advising, Office Hours, and Virtual Fall Career Fair solutions.
    • Video/Chat meeting rooms in Interviews, Peer Advising, and Mock Interview modules.
    • Screen Sharing capabilities within the video meeting.
  • SMS Text Messaging Enhancements

    • Ability to text students who are signed up for a virtual event.
    • Text messages to students will be one-way; no reply at this time.
    • Ability to batch text a group of students who are signed up for events (coming soon)
  • In App Chat (Fall 2020)

    • Admin/Student communication via chat tools inside your GradLeaders Career Center (Employer/Admin chat tools to follow).
    • General Chat function that allows students to submit a question into a queue, administrators can answer and respond as time allows.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do these tools require the installation of a third party application?

A: No, the virtual solutions provided by GradLeaders will be entirely integrated into the existing platform.  No installation or separate applications will need to be installed by any user.

Q: Is the audio and video shared in the virtual tools secure?

A: All communication transmitted in GradLeaders is encrypted for security.   In addition, the authentication requirement mentioned in question below is used to make sure all video and audio data is secure.

Q: Do users who wish to participate in a video meeting or chat need to be logged into GradLeaders?

A: Yes, users will need to authenticate into their GradLeaders Career Center profile in order to use these functions.

Q: Will large group meetings beyond 50 users be supported in the future?

A: While the limit for large group rooms is currently set at 50 participants, Twilio is looking into increasing this in the future. 

Q: Will GradLeaders be adding integration for other third party applications (i.e. Zoom, Teams)

A: GradLeaders currently offers easy ways to manage and track sign-ups for virtual events, workshops, interviews and 1-on-1 meetings utilizing your existing online meeting technology by simply creating virtual rooms with external URLs for attendees. We recognize the need to build additional integrations to popular video services that schools and employers are already using. We are looking into adding these integrations to the roadmap as well.


Pricing Information

  • There is no setup fee or recurring monthly/annual charges.  Customers simply pay for their usage per the chart shown below.
  • Customers will pre-pay to fund their RTC accounts to cover their usage.  Customers can choose to pay in increments of $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000.
  • GradLeaders CSM and CRM teams will use historical data to review anticipated usage with each customer, to help plan their RTC account funding.
  • Customer balances will be depleted on a pay-as-you-go basis, and GradLeaders will provide reports/alerts as balances get low.
  • While customers can carry forward unused bucket value indefinitely, no refunds will be given in the event customers cancel their GradLeaders subscriptions




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per message

One-to-One Video


per minute

Small Group Video


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Large Group Video


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per user-per month


To learn more about what we have planned and how to take advantage of these exciting features, please reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager or for more information.

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