Helping Millions of Students Discover Career Pathways

Whether you want to scale career advice, meet students where they are, build stronger employer relationships, or better prepare your students for on-campus career events with employers, The Whether has a solution for you.

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Active students on The Whether are 4x more likely to get an internship/full-time offer

Over 1 million students #checkTheWhether to discover career paths aligned with their strengths and values. Help your students pursue a personalized career pathway by combining formal guidance from your career center with informal discovery processes.


Together, through our exclusive partnership with The Whether, we’re accelerating our ability to standardize and personalize career discovery for every student. How? By connecting students’ strengths and values to recruiters’ hiring criteria through employer-generated career content.


Improve job outcomes and student satisfaction


“Shortly after implementing The Whether, we noticed that our students and employers were able to discover each other much more quickly and without direct, manual facilitation by our internal staff. We also gained incredible visibility into their engagement metrics and we can now use that dataset to prioritize our efforts.”

– Jessica Stanko, Washington University in St. Louis


The Whether and GradLeadersThe Whether and GradLeaders


Keep Your Students Engaged in Their Career Discovery Process

Present them with a social media-like feed displaying personalized career growth recommendations and content specific to their interests, values and competencies.


Connect Students to Their Dream Jobs

Invite them to casually explore and interact with company content so they can discover employers aligned to their interests and companies interested in them, even before they step foot at a career event.


Deliver a Personalized Employer Discovery Experience

Scale and standardize career exploration with employer-generated content that responds to each student’s discovery process.

Automatically Strengthen Employer Relationships

Enable your campus recruiters to automatically build and nurture talent pipelines with the information the app gathers from your students’ engagement behaviors.

How it Works


  1. Employers post company mission statements, day-in-the-life-of stories, career advice, projects and other career opportunities then #checkTheWhether for right-fit students engaged with their content



  1. Students casually browse the social-media like feed and #checkTheWhether to discover right-fit career paths based on assessment results



  1. The Whether automatically connects right-fit employers and students based on their interests, skills and values in a simple, “thumbable” experience before, during and after career fairs on campus


How to Get Started


  1. Let us start connecting students and employer within The Whether by providing basic contact information



  1. Promote The Whether to students and employers before, during and after career fairs increased self-awareness



  1. Track student and employer engagement and connections automatically created by The Whether


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