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Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by career centers, professional associations, and other host school representatives looking to purchase and implement Virtual Career Fair and Recruiting Event software powered by GradLeaders.



Q: Can you use queues and/or fixed timeslots?

A: Yes. You can use queues, fixed timeslots, or both! Event hosts can control what’s available and then each employer can choose their preference. If a company has multiple recruiters, they can even have different schedules and types of schedules for each.

Q: Can you charge employers?

A: Yes. You can charge employers directly through the platform for booths, extra recruiters, corporate sponsorships, and more. Employers can pay via credit card, check, or purchase order.

Q: Can we have a career services booth during the event?

A: Yes. And it doesn’t have to be a “fake employer” booth either. You can have your own dedicated career center booth that's prominently featured and includes other unique capabilities like real-time metrics reporting and the ability to quickly jump into an employer booth to connect with their recruiters.

Q: Can we talk to employers and students during the event?

A: Yes. Students can join your career center booth to chat at any time. Plus, from your career center booth you can request to jump into any employer booth and chat with the recruiter(s) and/or any students that they’re currently meeting with in their booth.

Q: Do we have a view into employer and student activity during the event?

A: Yes, you can not only see high-level participation and engagement data but also see what each individual employer queue or student sign-up list looks like during the event.

Q: What reporting is available after the event?

A: Robust metrics reports highlight real-time signups, video meeting minutes, resume drops, and additional meeting details. Other canned reports and exports also give you, your students, and employers the ability to export signup lists, notes, and resume drops from the event.

Q: How long do students have access to the event site?

A: Totally under your control. Students can access the site the moment you make it visible to students until you remove access.

Q: Can employers bring multiple recruiters?

A: Yes. You can include additional recruiters in the cost of the booth or charge extra. Each employer can have multiple recruiters with their own schedules or have multiple recruiters in a single meeting room. Or different recruiters could even setup separate booths if needed.

Q: Do you have to be a registered user with an active account to participate in the event?

A: No. The platform allows admin users to invite guest candidates and also allows admins or employers to invite guest employers to events.

Q: Can employers talk to multiple students at once?

A: Yes. Employers can have up to 50 students in a meeting room at any one time.

Q: Are you able to integrate any other software/systems within your platform?

A: Yes. We offer optional integrations with Microsoft Office 365/Exchange and Google calendars, Salesforce CRM, Single Sign-On via CAS/Shib/SAML/LDAP, plus have a dozen open APIs to easily move data from one system to another.

Q: How long does it take to implement?

A: In general, it takes 3 weeks and just 3 calls to implement, train, and launch your virtual career fair and event platform to students and employers. But we can go faster or slower depending on your event schedule and engagement in the process.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Pricing starts at $7,500 but is based off the expected number of employer booths, students attending, and length/number of events.

Q: Do you have a multiple event discount package?

A: Yes, there is a single event and unlimited event enterprise package. And if you plan to host more than 2 events over the course of the year the enterprise package greatly reduces the cost per event.

Q: Is it realistic that the platform could pay for itself after a single event?

A: Yes, absolutely. You’d only need 40 employers to pay $200 each. We’ve recently had school partners charge as much as $350 per booth and have 80 employers register. We’ve also had schools charge $1,000+ for corporate sponsorships.

Q: Who else is currently using this software?

A: All types and sizes of schools have hosted virtual career fairs and other recruiting events through GradLeaders, including California State University-Fresno, MiraCosta College, Montana State University Northern, Post University, Texas State Technical College, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, The University of Tennessee Knoxville Engineering, and more.



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