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Whether you want to increase brand awareness, instantly build a diverse talent pipeline, or effortlessly nurture promising candidates, The Whether has a solution for you.

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Automatically turn qualified students into relevant applicants

Every day, tens of thousands of students #CheckTheWhether to discover opportunities. Research shows that the most helpful sources of career content come directly from employers and recruiters just like you. That’s why you’re so important to the next generation of top talent.


Together, through our exclusive partnership with The Whether, we’re accelerating our ability to standardize and personalize career discovery for every student. How? By connecting students’ strengths and values to recruiters’ hiring criteria through employer-generated career content.












Seconds from sign up to candidates


Your talent pipeline awaits. 


In less than 30 seconds, see candidates that meet your hiring criteria who are interested in you!

The Whether and GradLeadersThe Whether and GradLeaders


Build Instant Right-Fit Talent Pipelines

Simply define a role or ideal candidate including competencies and professional values then view suggested students.

Enhance Brand Visibility Automatically

Use short, eye-catching headlines to subtly introduce your company and culture to interested candidates.


Deliver a Personalized Candidate Experience

Scale communication with unique content that responds to each candidates’ discovery process.

Save Yourself Time and Improve Collaboration

Group candidates with shared attributes then share with your team using Shortlists.


The Whether provides visibility to my blind spots when engaging with candidates. Timely reminders from its software have helped me nurture candidates who are interacting with my content. Ultimately, our goal is to utilize the data The Whether provides and move candidates through our recruiting process in a more personalized fashion.

— Andrew Toussaint, University Recruiting at Edward Jones


How it Works


  1. Employers post company mission statements, day-in-the-life-of stories, career advice, projects and other career opportunities then #checkTheWhether for right-fit students engaged with their content



  1. Students casually browse the social-media like feed and #checkTheWhether to discover right-fit career paths based on assessment results



  1. The Whether automatically connects right-fit employers and students based on their interests, skills and values in a simple, “thumbable” experience before, during and after career fairs on campus



How to Get Started


  1. Try The Whether with 1 target school for free to instantly find shortlists of right-fit students for your most popular roles



  1. Unlock access to other student populations, searchable resume books for other roles, and additional features



  1. Utilize the Soft Skills and Values Assessment internally to refine your pipeline based on the ideal candidate for every role


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