Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade from your current CSO System solution to the industry’s most robust, modern career service platform!

Why Upgrade?

This stable and secure system makes it even easier to manage your career center, with enhancements to existing features and access to all new functionality.

Data Migration Made Easy!

Let our innovative data migration tool transfer your data while we guide you through the migration with step-by-step training and a weekly agenda.

Before you get started, read our Dos and Don'ts for the Migration Process and What You Need to Know Before Migrating.

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Increase Office Efficiency


Increase Student Engagement



Increase Employment Outcomes


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"We decided to upgrade to GradLeaders after our students came to us requesting a more updated system for their job search. From the start of our migration, tasks were conveniently organized in a week-by-week schedule for us to follow. GradLeaders completed tasks quickly and we’ve received great customer service along the way. Students have since reported that they love the new interface and it’s easy for our career center team to use as well, so that’s a win for us. Additionally, our students can search jobs from employers they wouldn’t normally have access to, while recruiters love that they can conveniently post available jobs."

— Jillian Anderson, Worchester State University


Features of the GradLeaders Career Center Platform

A Single, Fully Integrated Platform

Intuitive, Self-Serve Employer Interface

Customizable Dashboard with School + Logo

Responsive Mobile Design for On-the-Go Career Management


Easy 1,2,3 Registration Process for Students


Scheduling & Calendar Tools Designed Specifically for the Career Service Process



One-Click Employment Reporting and First-Destination Survey Collection Tools



LinkedIn Integration for Simplified Resume/Social Media Reviews


Automated Student Check-In via Swipe Card Technology*


Custom Resume Books to Target Employers with Specific Candidates


Employer/Recruiter Contact Information & CRM Tools


Offer Comparison Tools to Analyze Compensation Data*


Communication Preferences for Candidates


Proprietary JobMatch™ Algorithms


Advanced Reporting, Data Management, and Metrics Visualization Solutions


Industry-Leading Co-Op/Internship Module and Experiential Learning Management Software (ELMS)*


"GradLeaders and their support team helped to make our upgrade to the new GradLeaders Career Center platform as smooth as possible.  The data migration tool automatically moved everything over on the backend while we followed a step-by-step training process on how to use the intuitive system. Now that our RockyJobs Consortium job postings are flowing down to our students’ new job board, we are good to go!"

— Lisa Jane Laird, Snow College



Give your students access to a mobile version of your complete career services offering anywhere, anytime.

Data Driven: Ensure your students can quickly and easily find what matters to them with a redesigned interface based on our comprehensive review of database activity over the past decade.

Fully Responsive: Automatically resizes for use on any mobile phone, tablet or desktop so Ensure your students can quickly and easily find what matters to them with a redesigned interface based on our comprehensive review of database activity over the past decade.

Advanced Interaction Design (IxD): The extensive redesign of the student portal focused on creating engaging, thoughtful and logical interfaces using the basic principles of communication to create desired user experiences.

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“We have received great feedback on the new site! Employers have seen the advantages and are able to self-serve for their on-campus needs, which is a huge benefit. Students love the mobile-friendly platform as well!”

— Shakira Rhodes, Missouri Southern State University

Take Advantage of Our Employer Network


Employers run 70,000+ candidate
searches in our system every year



Companies and recruiters from more
160 countries use GradLeaders


Diverse, Targeted Job Postings



Recruiters can target schools by name or region, ensuring that jobs are specifically intended for your students


Our innovative MultiPost™ technology automatically filters schools by job type, ensuring that a nursing job isn't sent to an art school


All jobs are reviewed and approved by GradLeaders before they're distributed to schools – then, you can approve or decline jobs before sending them to your students



GradLeaders offers a closed network and the GradLeaders Career Center platform is branded to your school to ensure you get the credit you deserve


How Do We Create Connections?



Via a desktop or mobile device students simply register at their school-branded GradLeaders Career Center portal to upload their resume and answer a few questions about their work experiences, skills, and career preferences.



Recruiters log in to GradLeaders Recruiting platform and view thousands of resumes filtered by criteria such as targeted school, major, degree, experience, preferences, demographics and more!



GradLeaders’ proprietary technology provides the right match of job-seeking student and career opportunity!

“The integration between the GradLeaders school & employer products has been a great benefit to us. Four of our students received offers from Apple, without participating in on-campus recruiting. In addition, our partnership with GradLeaders helped three of our students land interviews with McKinsey.”

— Tom Kozicki, UC Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business


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