Streamline Your Entire Co-Op and Internship Process with End-to-End Experiential Learning Management Software


GradLeaders empowers you to automate every piece of your experiential learning program – from approvals to evaluations and everything in between.


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Efficiently manage each-and-every stage of your cooperative education and internship process with a complete platform to track students and employers, automate approvals and surveys, and report on key metrics.


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Benefits of Our Experiential Learning Management Software


Save Hours of Time Managing Internship or Co-Op Records and Reduce Paperwork



Increase Employer and Student Satisfaction by Ensuring Right-Fit Experiences



Save Money

Save Money with an All-in-One Platform for Engagement, Communication, Approvals, Evaluations, and Reporting




"We looked to one vendor to support all of our operations as we see it pointless to have to use 3 vendors/systems – one for jobs/events, one for relationship management, one for coop program management – so, we use Gradleaders as it has served us well in each area.”

Bryan Barts, Director, Career Services, University of Wisconsin-Stout


How Does It Work?


  • View all related data in one place including student profiles, employer records, co-op/internship status, evaluations and reports
  • Allow students to find and apply to opportunities or report external experiences in one school-branded platform
  • Manage any pending records that need to be reviewed right from your dashboard


  • Streamline approvals and simplify signature-gathering for students with electronic workflows and simple online forms for approvers
  • Batch assign primary and secondary co-op/internship managers and mass update records in groups
  • Automatically remind students and employers when a survey deadline is approaching



  • Collect real-time activity data and performance evaluations from employers based on quarter/semester milestones
  • Gather invaluable outcomes data, learning objectives and other student survey responses in a timely fashion
  • Export data on co-op/internship experiences and share at-a-glance metrics reports with key stakeholders



Features of our Experiential Learning Management Software

Custom Internship Dashboards 

School-branded platform with highly-customizable dashboards, forms, surveys, screen messages, email templates, and more

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 Internship Search Job Board

Searchable job board for students to quickly and easily find best-fit internships, co-ops, projects, and other experiential learning opportunities 

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Student Intern Database 

Detailed student profiles with resumes, cover letters, activity-tracking, notes, communication and other CRM tools

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Self Serve Employer Intern Tools 

Self-serve employer tools make it easy to post opportunities, advertise company profiles, and find right-fit interns 

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 Employer CRM

Detailed employer and company contact profiles with historical hiring data, notes, communication and other relationship management tools

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Internship Record Tracking 

Gather and track key data points for both for-credit and non-credit internships as well as co-ops and other experiences in a single location 

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 Automate internship approvals

Help students electronically acquire all the signatures needed to participate in a co-op/internship program with custom workflow approval templates and no login credentials necessary for approvers 

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Intern Task List 

Guide students through the entire college-to-career development journey by providing custom task lists for specific subsets of students right on their mobile phone 

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Automated intern evaluation surveys 

Automate learning objective, mid-term and final evaluations by automatically reminding students and employers when a survey deadline is approaching

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Online intern resource library 

Provide students, employers and staff with an online resource library and central location for all important program documents, files, videos, or links

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Intern and CoOp Metrics 

View at-a-glance program metrics and easily export data  to share important reports with key stakeholders

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"Before GradLeaders, we had a very cumbersome paper-based process where students were required to manually scan and fax handwritten documents to their supervisors for approval. Additionally, there was no standardization of who would sign-off on approvals. It would often take months for a student to simply get registered for an internship. It was an added challenge to try and collect performance evaluations. With GradLeaders, we were able to centralize all internship-related activities. We quickly saw the huge benefits of this automated system where students didn’t have to track down advisors for paperwork and they could easily respond while on-the-go. We’ve also been able to deepen our relationships with employers while improving our data collection processes. We can see how many internship positions are available at a given company to better support our students, then use reports to manage the entire evaluation process.”

— Rob DiCarlo, Associate Director for Internship Opportunities at SUNY Geneseo


Experiential Education Software to Mirror Your Unique Processes

Experiential education programs aren’t one size fits all. So why do some software companies treat “jobs” and “internships” and other career “experiences” like they’re all the same? GradLeaders is committed to helping you incorporate your program’s processes into our platform so that it works the way your staff, your students and your employers need it to. We give you the full flexibility to determine how employers, students and other stakeholders are involved in the process, while providing a consultative approach using our 30+ years of experience. Put students on the path to find their dream jobs with our mobile-friendly portal that tracks their experiences, every step of the way.

GradLeaders vs. Other Off-the-Shelf Career Service Software

GradLeaders offers the customization, functionality, analytics, and customer service unmatched by others in the industry:


Detailed student and company profiles with notes, activities, and CRM tools for a totally comprehensive view in one central repository
Ability for students to edit their information post-submission  
Logic-driven system delivers only those questions relevant to students  
Customized mass emails to your audience so they look like they came from your office, not the vendor  
Option to set an approval process, determine the order in which owners approve, and set timelines for a completely automated experience ✔   
Status approval reset process with just a click  
Unlimited creation, deployment and management of custom surveys (powered by SurveyMonkey)  
Virtual to-do list integrated with the system to manage every aspect of the job search  
Review every step of the process to see who has approved mid-stream and who has viewed or declined and why  
Easy approval process with no log-in credentials necessary—the platform simply sends them an email with an embedded link to the form  
Quick, at-a-glance reporting for full visibility into each and every detail of the approval workflow process  
Full view into employer evaluations so you can track progress of your students  
Ad-hoc reports for any piece of data within the system incorporating visualizations to bring it to life via Looker integration  
Ability to schedule reports in advance for delivery to key stakeholders so everyone stays in-the-loop  
Downloadable individual reports on students and employers that break down the data points by quarter/semester, date range, status, date posted, department and much more  



“The co-op module that GradLeaders offers is unmatched! It has been central to our ability to maintain a seamless workflow for our five different work-integrated learning programs. It’s robust, but very easy to use, and the ability to customize it to our needs has been critical in an unparalleled way. It’s allowed us to maintain our process without having to compromise. The integration with surveys is a key feature for us in streamlining our programs, and for providing a user-friendly experience for our students and employers. The amount of time and energy we save on a daily basis thanks to the record keeping abilities that the module offers is beyond measure, and we’ve saved time, money and storage space thanks to a paper-free process.”

— Katie Harvey, Assistant Director, Northwestern University, Engineering Career Development



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