As with most "in-person" events this year, Connections was cancelled. Although we were very sad to pull the plug on our 15th annual partner conference, we embraced the reasons for doing so and look forward to hosting a spectacular event in 2022! Until then, we have a series of virtual events slated for which are an extension of our "in-person" events like Connections and our Focus Forums. 

Events Calendar

Recorded: February 12, 2021

"What Did We Learn in 2020? The KEEP, STOP and START of Virtual Events" 

Panel with Mary Willis, Todd Reeves, Sean Strachan and Cindy Loggins.

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Recorded: July 27, 2020

“Student-Athlete Career and Professional Development" 

Including Ben Rodriguez at Mississippi St. University Athletics, Jessica Wildfire at University of Tennessee Athletics, and Taylor Stuemky, at University of Wyoming Athletics.

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Recorded: July 23, 2020

“Talent Optimization: Fighting the Forces of Disengagement” 

Presented by John Broer of In2Great.

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Recorded: June 11, 2020 

“The Care and Feeding of Your Young Employee”

Presented by Jamie Belinne, University of Houston Bauer College of Business.

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Recorded: June 2, 2020

“Alumni Career Development:  Virtual Strategies”

Presented by Matthew Temple, Senior Director, Alumni Career and Professional Development, Kellogg School of Management.

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Recorded: May 14, 2020

“Student-Athlete Career and Professional Development" 

Including Amy Heard, Texas Tech University Athletics; Madeline McIntyre, The Ohio State University Athletics; and Lauren Unrein, University of Colorado Athletics.

Click here for the recorded session and additional resources.    



Recorded: May 12, 2020

“Understanding and Leveraging CliftonStrengths"

Presented by Damian Zikakis of DGZ Coaching.

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Recorded: April 9, 2020

"Delivering an Amazing Virtual Internship Experience" 

Presented by Dr. Robert Shindell of Intern Bridge.

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