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Here are just a few of the things that the schools and professional associations in our network are saying about our career service technology and industry events:


 UTK Career

“We’ve been partnered with GradLeaders for nearly 25 years and have always had great support from their team. With GradLeaders, we’ve been able to reach out to employers and students to encourage them to engage through a school-branded platform where we are able to manage all aspects of our engineering cooperative education program. I think GradLeaders additionally, enables us to maintain a better partnership-oriented relationship with our individual employers. When students are interacting with those employers in our GradLeaders system, they’re able to respond to opportunities that are being promoted directly to them, instead of competing with students all over the country like other platforms. So, from our perspective, GradLeaders enables a more focused engagement between the employer, our students, and our Tickle College of Engineering.”  

- Todd Reeves
Director, Office of Engineering Professional Practice

 MSSU Careers

“My school has been with GradLeaders for 13 years. I receive around 100 phone calls a semester from competing products and I have definitely stuck with GradLeaders for a reason. In my opinion it’s the most customizable platform out there. You can really build and control the system to do whatever you need it to do. With other platforms you can’t even change your name or anything on it and your forced to adapt to what the platform has to offer. So, the flexibility and the adaptability of the GradLeaders system is really great because you can make it do whatever you need it to do. I would absolutely recommend GradLeaders to other universities. I can’t stress enough the personalized service that GradLeaders provides. Challenges are solved quickly, everybody is friendly and if the system can’t do what you need it to do, wait until the next month because an upgrade could be coming out soon.”

- Shakira Rhoads
Assistant Director of Career Services

UW Stout

“We looked to one vendor to support all of our operations as we see it pointless to have to use 3 vendors/systems – one for jobs/events, one for relationship management, one for coop program management – so, we use Gradleaders as it has served us well in each area.”

Bryan Barts, Director, Career Services,
University of Wisconsin-Stout


HEC Paris

"The competition for global MBA talent has never been so intense. Our new partnership with GradLeaders will give employers access to the elite management talent at HEC Paris, as well as give our students access to the exclusive network of multinational corporations."

Tony Somers


SUNY Geneseo 

"Before GradLeaders, we had a very cumbersome paper-based process where students were required to manually scan and fax handwritten documents to their supervisors for approval. Additionally, there was no standardization of who would sign-off on approvals. It would often take months for a student to simply get registered for an internship. It was an added challenge to try and collect performance evaluations. With the Co-Op/Internship Module, we were able to centralize all internship-related activities. We quickly saw the huge benefits of this automated system where students didn’t have to track down advisors for paperwork and they could easily respond while on-the-go. 

We’ve also been able to deepen our relationships with employers while improving our data collection processes. We can see how many internship positions are available at a given company to better support our students, then use reports to manage the entire evaluation process.

— Rob DiCarlo
Associate Director for Internship Opportunities


Fresno State

“The GradLeaders system really stands apart from other vendors because the interface is completely branded to our university and you don’t sell third party data, keeping our students’ information secure.”

—Stephen Davis
Employer Services Specialist, Fresno State



“Our annual conference remains a focal point of our organization, but with the GradLeaders, we can facilitate more opportunities for our students year-round. The recent growth of our partnership with GradLeaders has created more ways than ever for employers to connect with LGBT MBAs before and after the conference. We look forward to the long-term benefits of these new recruitment avenues, and the added value for our job-seeking candidates."


SUNY Potsdam

If you are using a paper format for your Learning Agreement Forms, you need to change to the GradLeaders Co-Op/Internship Module right away! This was by far one of the best decisions I made as an administrator in an Experiential Education Program. The support during the conversion was outstanding and they helped me to create my Internship Module to fit my needs here at SUNY Potsdam! Employers, faculty/staff and more importantly, students, have just raved about the Internship Module! What are you waiting for, get the Co-Op Internship Module today!

— Toby J. White, MS.Ed
Director, Experiential Education, Center for Applied Learning

Boston College MBA

"GradLeaders, through their MultiPost job board, has increased career opportunities for my students by 30%. This is the real value of our partnership."

Marilyn Eckelman


Pepperdine Graziadio MBA

“Since we’ve partnered with GradLeaders, we’ve seen an increase in the number of internships being placed through our career service office. Their global corporate partnerships have expanded our employer connections, and facilitated quality opportunities for our students.”


UT Haslam


"I cannot say enough good about the dynamic ways in which GradLeaders has assisted in helping our team expand our capabilities and reach in our program. Truly a career one-stop-shop, this platform has allowed us to centralize all things career-related including (but certainly not limited to) advising, employer and recruiter recruiting, programming, resume books, and placement data collection. Through use of the data collection feature, we have been able to drive nearly all of student self-reporting into the system for both internship and full-time acceptances. The tool has been central in creating an environment of reporting with our students while allowing our team a sense of security knowing that our data collection method is in compliance with MBA CSEA standards. 

The GradLeaders team has worked hard to help us build, customize, and expand this system to fit the dynamic and changing needs of our graduate business students.  We consider the GradLeaders team to be a part of the Haslam College of Business Graduate Programs Career Management family and look forward to a continuing partnership."

CGSM MBA"With a mission to enhance diversity in business leadership positions, we knew that GradLeaders could help us achieve this goal by acting as an extension of our corporate relations team, and providing the technology to efficiently manage the recruitment process. Our candidates are now being promoted to a larger network of MBA employers, helping us to pursue our goals and reduce the under-representation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in the ranks of management."

Anthony J. Davis
Vice President of Development

Toronto Rotman

“Our partnership with GradLeaders had an immediate impact on employment outcomes. Their corporate partner, Amazon, found and hired two of our students directly from their GradLeaders Recruiting platform!”

Minnesota Carlson

“Having access to this elite network of top hiring companies expands the reach of our school far beyond our on-campus recruiting partners. This has been invaluable to me and my team throughout my career.“

UCSD Rady“The team at GradLeaders is the best, bar none! And their annual Connections conference is a great event for networking with other schools and employers in their network."

Robin Darmon
Director, MBA Career Connections


"Our long-standing relationship with GradLeaders has created a sense of trust in their ability to provide the high-quality service that our stakeholders require and that our team needs to efficiently support our alumni and students' career needs. Having one streamlined system through their GradLeaders Career Center platform takes our partnership benefits to the next level."

Sheryle Dirks
Associate Dean for Career Management


"As we continue to expand our service offerings to students and alumni, GradLeaders has continually met our needs and supported our growth through the GradLeaders Career Center platform.”

USC MArshall

“We received a standing ovation from our students when we shared the news of consolidating three platforms to one and that our one and only choice was to return to GradLeaders.”

Fresno State

“Thank you for a wonderful experience at the GradLeaders User Conference. I am bringing back tons of useful information that will help make our student and admin experience more enriched. You and the GradLeaders team did amazing work from the event coordination, to the workshops, to the hotel accommodations. I hope to be able to attend future conferences that you offer.”

—Stephen Davis
Employer Services Specialist,
Fresno State


Salisbury University

"In addition GradLeaders provides various ways to provide customer service and those include an assigned representative, chat lines, phone service, and an excellent support email service.  All of these services are very effective." 

— Charlie Endicott
Associate Director of Career Services,
Salisbury University

Northwestern University

“The co-op module that GradLeaders offers is unmatched! It has been central to our ability to maintain a seamless workflow for our five different work-integrated learning programs. It’s robust, but very easy to use, and the ability to customize it to our needs has been critical in an unparalleled way. It’s allowed us to maintain our process without having to compromise. The integration with surveys is a key feature for us in streamlining our programs, and for providing a user-friendly experience for our students and employers. The amount of time and energy we save on a daily basis thanks to the record keeping abilities that the module offers is beyond measure, and we’ve saved time, money and storage space thanks to a paper-free process.”


"Reducing student uncertainty about postgraduate endeavors is critical among career educators. To fully achieve uncertainty reduction, the impetus is on early and continued student engagement with our offices. The LAUNCH Program is designed to take students through an organized yet flexible process to discover their career objectives and prepares students for meaningful interactions with employers. LAUNCH is successful at assisting students with understanding of self in relation to majors, abilities and careers. The program built student confidence, especially with interviewing. Not only did the program drive engagement with our career center office, but it sustained engagement throughout the course of the school year."

Rollins University

"The usefulness of the interface and reporting abilities has greatly helped us as we have implemented strategies to improve our response rate from previous survey attempts."

Ray Rogers
Director of Career Services,
Rollins College

UW Stout

"GradLeaders Co-op module offers a high level of customization which allows UW-Stout the ability to tailor the software to meet the needs specific to our co-op program. UW-Stout’s software needs to support over 1200 students, 700 job site supervisors, 60 professors and 3 program administrators.  This software has allowed us to streamline our processes, gather information from all parties as needed and be efficient and accurate in our record keeping.  We are able to collect data we feel is necessary to keep up with a program of our size and scope.  We are thankful for the flexibility this software provides in our day to day operations.  Co-op is the engine of our Career Services office and critical to our university’s polytechnic mission. With the GLCC Co-op Module we are able to meet the needs of all of our stakeholders and remain accountable and provide meaningful data and information to all stakeholders. In my decade of experience of working in experiential learning, I feel schools are under great pressure to make things simple and easy but at the same time are being held to an increasingly high level of accountability. This software is able to conquer both issues. The Co-op module is easy to use for all stakeholders but is also customizable and flexible enough to allow offices to be accountable. This database positively impacts the strength of our Co-op program."


—Bethany Henthorn,
Cooperative Education Coordinator/Career Counselor,
UW-Stout Career Services

Kellogg School of Management

“GradLeaders new integration with Looker makes it extremely easy to discover insights and uncover data that would have previously been a huge undertaking. In just a few minutes, I was able to quickly find what I was looking for thanks to GradLeaders’ thoughtful data modeling and shared reports created specifically for career centers.”

—Julia Navarre
Assistant Director in the Career Management Center,
Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

Shenandoah University

“The GradLeaders Research team is quick to respond, anticipates my follow-up questions before I ask them, and provides me with the robust knowledge I need to make informed decisions. I truly don't know what I would do without this in my toolkit!”

—Amanda Grantham
Assistant Director of Career Services,
Shenandoah University


“The career center support team at GradLeaders was so fast, kind, and professional. Thank you!”

—Karen Hagele
Coordinator for Career Services,
Roanoke College

"GradLeaders has consistently provided some of the best customer service I have ever received with a vendor.  If I had to rate their customer service with ten being the highest - they would get an eleven. I cannot overstate this. Keep doing what you are doing. The competition has nothing on GradLeaders when it comes to customer service, customization, configuration and best practices advice. Steller service from initial contact to implementation and beyond to support and live chats."

Lynne D. Schrott, Career Enrichment Coordinator, Benedictine University

Washington Foster

“I could not be more pleased with GradLeaders support of our team. They are responsive to our needs, patient with our requests, and offer solutions to issues. We are lucky to have them supporting us! One of our program coordinators told me last week she has never had a better online tech support group than the one at GradLeaders. They are live, prompt, and have always been able to help.”

—Stacy Duhon
University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business


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