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GradLeaders offers two versions of The Outcomes Survey® with varying feature sets based on your target audience:


      STUDENTS: First Destination SurveyALUMNI: Current Occupation Survey 
    Audience  Graduating Students Alumni 
   Timeline Real-time (at graduation, 3, 6 and 12 months) and flexible   Flexible (at 3, 5, 10 or 30 years post graduation)
   Response Type Updatable Response  Single Response 
   Cohorts By graduating class  Individual or multiple class years 
   Question Sets   Career Outcomes, Career Search Engagement, Experiential Learning, Satisfaction and Motivations Current Occupation, Interim Occupations, First Destination and Career Motivations 
   Custom Questions  Up to 10 included  
   Data Sources  Direct response and secondary source  
   Reporting Standards   Meets NACE, NUBS and MBA CSEA standards and addresses federal reporting priorities  
   Comparable   National Data at 6 and 12 months  


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The Outcomes Survey is an online tool for gathering employment and graduate school admissions data from new college graduates based upon prevailing national demands and standards.


Graduates can be surveyed regarding the following topics: 

  1. First destination occupation and graduate school admissions outcomes
  2. Engagement in career exploration and job search activities
  3. Experiential education’s role in securing their first destination occupation
  4. Satisfaction with their first destination occupation
  5. Motivation for pursuing a college degree and occupation
  6. Custom questions: each institution will have the opportunity to create and ask a set of up to 10 questions unique to that institution.


Institutional accountability for college student outcomes is a top priority from the kitchen table all the way up to the White House. Students and their parents are scrutinizing the return on investment in higher education and are seeking data to inform their decision-making related to admissions acceptance and major selection. Efforts are underway at the US Department of Education to tie financial aid eligibility to “gainful employment” outcomes. The White House College Scorecard, the Rubio-Wyden-Warner Student Right to Know Before You Go Act and the DOE’s Title IV Federal Student Aid Programs – Gainful Employment in a Recognized Profession Proposed Rule clearly illustrate that all colleges and universities must prepare to respond to demands for outcomes data. The Outcomes Survey has been designed to deliver outcomes data in a manner that meets the institutional needs of US colleges and universities while creating a national standard for first destination outcomes data-gathering.



Outcomes data is collected primarily via an online survey, administered to all graduates immediately prior to graduation and updated at multiple intervals after graduation for a period of up to one year. Graduates are prompted to update their contact information and enter or update employment/occupational status and graduate school admissions outcomes data that has changed since their last submission.


Graduates respond via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. 

The average response rate using the online survey is 52% (Spring 2014). Response rates as high as 100% can be achieved when institutions fully engage with The Outcomes Survey® and its response generation tools and resources.  Data collection can be further enhanced using administrator entry tools for recording secondary source data.


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