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 Empower Students to Discover Relevant Career Pathways


GradLeaders is committed to connecting students to their dream jobs—and that means facilitating deeper, more meaningful connections between students and employers before, during, and after the career fairs at your school. That’s why we’re giving students access to a social-media like mobile app, employer-generated career content feed, and soft skills and values assessment to help them discover employers that match their values, skills and interests.  

Together, through our exclusive partnership with The Whether, we’re accelerating our ability to standardize and personalize career discovery for every student. How? By connecting students’ strengths and values to recruiters’ unique hiring criteria through employer-generated career content.


Benefits of the Career Discovery Assessment Software



Automatically Create More Meaningful Connections Between Students and Employers



Deliver a More Personalized Online Career Discovery Experience to Students



Reach More Students and Keep Them Engaged in Their Career Discovery Process



Increase Internship and Full-Time Offers by 4X for Your Students 



“The Soft Skills & Values Assessment is an important aspect of our Career Success Workshop for incoming students. It is important for students to understand their mission, skills, and values in order to align their educational experience with their career goals.”

Debra Hotch, Assistant Director, Career Programming, Harvard Graduate School of Education


Features of the Career Discovery Assessment Software



Scientifically Validated Soft Skills & Values Assessment


Social Media-Like Employer Discovery Feed for Students


"Casually Browsing" Privacy Controls so Students Can Choose When and Where to Share Their Information


Automatically Personalized Virtual Career Advice for Students Directly from Employers


Single Destination for Employer Content, Day-in-the-Life-of Stories, Employee Testimonials, and Career Advice Directly from Employers


Real-time Student+Employer Engagement Reports and Data Analytics


Student Assessment Results include Key Characteristics, Motivations, Skills, Interests, Strengths, Ideal Roles/Companies and Personal Growth Areas


Provide Right-Fit Career Paths Aligned to your Students’ Unique Blend of Strengths, Motivations, and Interests


Utilize Machine Learning to Optimize Future Student + Employer Connections

Funded By:


An innovation-focused career advising grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has accelerated our ability to serve students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. With their support, we’ve focused our efforts on serving the United Negro College Fund Career Pathways Initiative in 2018. We are connecting students, universities and employers via technology that develops personalized career pathways and helps universities improve and measure job placement outcomes of graduates. By funding our technologies and research, the foundation is furthering its mission to develop viable solutions in career advising that enable career discovery.



An implementation grant by the Strada Education Network has accelerated our ability to provide access to advice from employers to students at Harris-Stowe State University.  In a study by Gallup and Strada Education, advice from informal, work based sources was ranked as the most helpful but least used by students. The network will leverage key findings from The Whether to further their research purposes.


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