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Why GradLeaders?

We partner with schools, career centers, professional associations and student clubs to create a database of job-seeking students currently looking for their next opportunity. Our GradLeaders Recruiting tool is proven to help employers:


Find right-fit interns and recent grads fast including hard-to-find diversity talent

Maximize the on-campus recruitment process and expand your reach beyond your core schools


Save time sourcing and improve overall quality of hire


About 50% of our candidates are sourced from GradLeaders and we’re identifying new sources of talent from non-core schools right within the system.”

— Rachel Ligman, Manager-North American University Relations, Eaton



Features of the GradLeaders Recruiting Platform



Access to an online database of 250,000 currently job-seeking students + recent grads


Advanced student profile filters + resume keyword searches


Advertise jobs to your selection of target schools based on target degree


JobMatch algorithms automatically match students with jobs and notify you of new matches


Download job-seeker profiles, resumes/CVs and contact information



Integrated batch email and analytics tools with personalization variables for recruitment marketing


Match-fit candidate evaluation + other assessment tools


Built-in ROI reporting, salary comparison, and recruitment activity metrics


Our GradLeaders Recruiting Partners



"Having access to this elite network of top hiring companies expands the reach of our school far beyond our on-campus recruiting partners. This has been invaluable to me and my team throughout my career.“

—Michelle Chevalier, Director University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management


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How Does It Work? It's Easy!

Job-seeking students register directly with their school or association's white-labeled career service office powered by GradLeaders. During registration, job seekers enter previous work experiences, skills, background information and select career preferences then upload their career service approved resume. Student data is refreshed annually with additional skills or internship experience. Each profile is standardized to make it easy for recruiters to quickly filter and find right-fit students for every opportunity. 


1. Post jobs to your selection of official school job boards


2. Immediately view a list of right-fit students for your job posting


3. Proactively filter database by school, location, career preferences, experiences, skills and more


4. Connect with students directly through the platform or download resumes and contact info for third-party systems


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