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GradLeaders gives career centers a competitive advantage by maximizing their candidates’ visibility to leading employers, streamlining the recruitment process, increasing student engagement, and improving overall office productivity.



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Why GradLeaders?


Unique Time-Saving Features Built Specially for Complex Programs including a Robust On-Campus Recruiting Module with Bidding


Fully-Customizable, School-Branded Platform to Mirror Your Unique School Processes and Programs


Network of Top Employers Proactively Searching for Candidates and Posting 500+ School-Targeted Jobs per Year



"Having access to this elite network of top hiring companies expands the reach of our school far beyond our on-campus recruiting partners. This has been invaluable to me and my team throughout my career.“

—Michelle Chevalier, Director University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management

Increase Visibility to Top Employers. More High-Quality Jobs for YOUR Students.

More than just another job board or career service workflow management tool, GradLeaders puts your students’ resumes in front of more employers and gives your job-seeking candidates access to more opportunities.


Employers Run 70,000+ Candidate Searches in our System Every Year



20% Increase in Internship Postings



30% Increase in Job Postings



Companies and recruiters from more than 160 countries use GradLeaders!



Our GradLeaders Recruiting Corporate Customers



About 50% of our candidates are sourced from GradLeaders and we’re identifying new sources of talent from non-core schools right within the system.”

— Rachel Ligman, Manager-North American University Relations



Our GradLeaders School Partners



Unique Features of the GradLeaders Career Center Platform



A Single, Fully Integrated Platform to Handle All of Your Career Service Office Needs


Easy 1,2,3 Online Registration Process to Maximize Student Engagement


Customizable Dashboard and White-Labeled System with Your School's Colors and Logo


Responsively Designed Mobile Interface for On-the-Go Students and Recruiters


Scheduling & Calendar Tools Designed Specifically for the Complex Career Service Processes


Automated Student Check-In via Swipe Card Technology for Events, Workshops, and more


One-Click Employment Reporting plus 100s of Other Flexible Reports


LinkedIn Integration for Simplified Social Media Profile and Online Resume Reviews for Advisors


Intuitive, Self-Serve Employer Portal for Your Executive Recruiters with Interface Branded to Your School



Custom Resume Book Utility to Target Employers with Specific Job-Seeking Students


Employer/Recruiter Contact Information & CRM Tools for Managing Online Rolodex 


Offer Comparison Tools for Student and Advisors to Analyze Compensation Data


Robust On-Campus Recruiting Module with Bidding and Automatic Schedule Filling




Open Scheduling Option for First-Come, First-Serve Processes




Separate, Distinct Modules Specifically for Mock Interviewing and Peer-to-Peer Advising



Advanced Email Marketing Analytics Platform and Text Messaging Tools with Custom Branding, Unlimited Variables, and Integrated Resource Library Attachments



Communication Preference Settings Allow Students to Sign Up for Customized Notifications Tailored to their Career Preferences



Proprietary JobMatch™ Algorithms Automatically Match Students with Right-Fit Jobs



Advanced Reporting, Data Management, and Metrics Visualization Solutions



Industry-Leading Internship Workflow Module to Simplify Evaluation Process



“We received a standing ovation from our students when we shared the news of consolidating three platforms to one and that our one and only choice was to return to GradLeaders.”

– Christopher J. Harrer, Interim Senior Director MBA Career & Academic Advising at USC Marshall School of Business



New Modern, Mobile-First Design for YOUR Students + Employers



“As we continue to expand our service offerings to students and alumni, GradLeaders has continually met our needs and supported our growth through the GradLeaders Career Center platform.”

— Regina Resnick, Assistant Dean and Managing Director at Columbia Business School




Configurable Admin Platform to Manage YOUR Unique Processes


Fully-Configurable Candidate Relationship Management System

Create unique experiences, separate workflows and sign-up forms to track different data for each program or campus. Track every interaction and activity with detailed profiles, profile pictures, public vs. private notes, offers, emails, text messages, and more.

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Distinct, Separate Modules for Different Types of Events

Create events and recurring appointments for very specific use cases at your office or off-site. Allow candidates to sign up for career center workshops, interview visits, info sessions, office hours, advising appointments, single company events, multi-company events, career fairs, mock interviews and peer-to-peer advising appointments on their own. Track attendance with automated web-based check-in utilities that work on any device. 

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Robust On-Campus Recruiting and Interview Modules with Bidding

Take full advantage of the industries most robust OCR modules with tools built alongside world-class programs. Allow companies to submit on-campus requests and reserve rooms for events or interviews. Give students the ability to bid on interviews or utilize first-come, first-served options. Then use our innovative “Fill Schedule” tool to save you hours of time and headaches.

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Comprehensive Career Center Activity Calendar

Career center staff can manage the entire career service process from initial registration to employment reporting from a single centralized platform and comprehensive calendar. Track all upcoming activities, just your personal activities, or specific types of activities in one central location. 

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CareerTracker Task Templates and Self-Directed Job Search Tools

Give your candidates tasks to complete in app to guide them in the career discovery and job search process. Link to tools within GradLeaders or external resources. Plus give your candidates the ability to track their personal job search activities, to-do’s and contacts in your school-branded platform.

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Flexible Job Board for Every Type of Job and Employer

Customize your job posting forms for your unique needs. Opt to charge employers to post jobs with integrated credit card processing and still give small business or non-profits the ability to post for free. Maintain a closed network of your employers plus get access to 500+ additional diverse opportunities from GradLeaders MultiPost Job Distribution Network specifically intended for your students.

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Advanced Company & Contact Relationship Management System

Maintain a closed network of your employer contacts with multiple manual or automated approval processes. Take shared public and private personal notes against company and contact records. Track every interaction between students and employers. Then quickly and easily find the information your looking for when you need it. 

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Built-in Text Messaging Tools and Email Marketing Platform with Analytics

Engage your candidates and employers with integrated text messaging and mass email marketing tools. Send highly-personalized and targeted mass emails right within GradLeaders Career Center then quickly pull insightful engagement reports on email deliverability, opens, click-throughs, and more.

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Integrated Offer Comparison Tool with Past Offers plus All School Network

Career center staff can also research job offers and pull comparative reports based on historical employment data at your school. Or compare offers with similar graduate business schools across the entire GradLeaders network.

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Advanced Employment Reporting with Grapevine Job Offers

Allow students, faculty and administrators to enter detailed employment outcomes data. Enter speculative student job offer information by any source, including those heard “through the grapevine,” so you can more effectively report student outcomes data. Add an unlimited number of questions. Survey and reporting fields can be completely customized to meet your specific needs.

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100s of Customizable One-Click Reports

Over 100 canned one-click reports with various toggles and settings give career center staff access to all the data they need with easy-to-use pre-built filters designed specifically for large, decentralized schools.

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Metrics Dashboard and Integrated Business Intelligence Software

Utilize advanced data management solutions and data visualization tools powered by Looker to create ad-hoc reports to measure and predict your specific career center goals.

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“GradLeaders new integration with Looker makes it extremely easy to discover insights and uncover data that would have previously been a huge undertaking. In just a few minutes, I was able to quickly find what I was looking for thanks to GradLeaders’ thoughtful data modeling and shared reports created specifically for career centers.”

— Julia Navarre, Assistant Director in the Career Management Center at the Kellogg School of Management



Secondary Resources to Save Career Centers Time + Improve Employment Outcomes

 Not ready to switch career center platforms? Centralized career center using a campus-wide system? Just want to take advantage of the unique tools GradLeaders offers? Use our secondary resources below and stand-alone tools alongside your existing tech stack:

Independent Employment Reporting

Quickly gather, view and download employment data for every type of program on campus then utilize our advanced data management solutions powered by Looker to create custom reports and data visualizations.

Job Board+

Give your internship and full-time seeking students access to a secondary career service resource to find more diverse jobs or internships and put their resume+profile in front of more employers proactively searching for right-fit student talent.



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