Use email to increase visibility & market your employer brand


Having issues keeping your brand top of mind with graduating students? Wish job-seeking students understood your company's culture? It's an important issue and often one of the biggest pain points for recruiters at both lesser-known and well-established brands.

Here are three tips to keep your employment brand in front of students both on- and off-campus:

1. Create a message that describes your company culture and breaks down a typical day at the office. Include testimonials and links to videos of happy employees.

2. Clearly present what your company offers the student. Be specific and discuss rotational opportunities and potential career paths for functional roles.

3. Be sure to explain how your company is different from other brands. Why is your company a better fit? We know career decisions are not all about money, show your targeted candidates why they’ll love their new job.

Remember: Employment branding emails will improve your company presence and generate interest on- and off-campus.

Don't have an email marketing tool? Our GradLeaders Recruiting platform has email marketing tools integrated into an exclusive database of current student talent. Each year corporate clients use the advanced search features to create a list of "matching" candidates then use batch email tools to market their brand, promote on-campus recruiting sessions and deploy surveys.




Ryan Pratt

Marketing and Business Development

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