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You've undoubtedly completed a handful of online profiles over the past few years at school. You have a Facebook profile, a Twitter bio, a LinkedIn resume, Instagram page, and maybe even still have a Google+ or even worse a MySpace account. You've also probably created profiles on your favorite news and shopping sites. These profiles are a dime-a-dozen, with standard questions (i.e. favorite quotes, movies, job title, interests, and accomplishments) and generic information for the general public. Anyone can sign up, and everyone's profile looks the same. It is not a niche network or an exclusive club.

The GradLeaders network is as niche as it gets. Only current students or job-seeking alumni from our partner schools can join. Plus every employer who wants access to this job-seeking talent must first be approved. But even with such limited competition, it can be hard to stand out as an elite job-seeking student in today's world.

The GradLeaders job-seeker profile is designed to help you differentiate yourself from other students with similar resumes. Here are five tips to improve your profile:

1. Be Complete: Don't just complete the required sections. Fill out as many fields as you can, including the top 5 most searched-on profile attributes: Geographic Preference, Industry Experience, Function Experience, Function Preference, and Industry Preference.

2. Be Accurate: Don't just select the entire United States as a geographic preference. Only choose places you would honestly consider living/working.

3. Be Different: If you are fluent in a foreign language or have an Architect License be sure to include it in your profile. Just because these are not the most searched-on criteria doesn't mean they're never used. And when they are, you'll stand out as a perfect match.

4. Be Reachable: Include your school email address, cell phone, and any other information to help employers contact you. Don't worry about being inundated by recruiters, as employers are extremely limited by approvals and outreach feature limitations.

5. Be Current: Log back into the system often to make updates to your profile and resumes, no matter how small. When is the last time you looked at the 2nd page of results on Google? Similarly, employers rarely click beyond the first page of matching candidates.

For more information from the team with 30+ years of experience in student recruiting please continue to visit our blog. To get started, visit your school's career center! Then download our step-by-step guide and JumpStart guide.



Ryan Pratt

Marketing and Business Development

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