Top 10 things we learned at MBA CSEA in Europe


The theme of the 7th annual MBA CSEA European Conference, Partnering for a Global Mindset, explored how each player in the recruitment process can collaborate to build and develop global leaders in business. As employers are searching for leadership talent and global skill sets, schools and career services need to prepare their MBAs for the increasingly global marketplace. We learned a great deal about the current state of this job market, and where its headed for the future.

Here are ten takeaways from this year’s event:

  1. Global leaders need to be: resilient, optimistic, passionate and engaged.
  2. Eudaimonia is defined as the joy one feels while striving towards one’s potential.
  3. Employers are looking for candidates who show growth and that can work outside of their comfort zone.
  4. Employers are focused on hiring employees to work in specific countries, and want to develop talent in the country where it is needed.
  5. To address a “skills gap”, career services needs to evaluate their students’ strengths and weaknesses, and then suggest the proper events to attend and connections to make.
  6. The trend for entrepreneurship in global markets is increasing, and the Financial Times will begin to include entrepreneurship in their rankings.
  7. Connecting young alumni from the employer to current candidates is key to recruiting for international careers.
  8. Issues associated with recruiting for international careers include language, understanding the job market, local culture, competition with local candidates, visas, proactive networking, and managing expectations.
  9. A leader helps develop others into leaders.
  10. Student clubs are a great way for employers to connect with international students.

Sources: MBA CSEA

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