Top 10 reasons to move beyond resume books

Move beyond resume books


For more than twenty years the team at MBA Focus has created innovative ways to advance the way employers recruit MBA students.

In 2008, MBA Focus and its partner schools decided to move beyond physical paper resume books and create searchable online databases of students In 2009, we launched the MultiPost job distribution tool which not only allowed employers to quickly post jobs at their core schools but also expand to include schools outside their network. And in 2011, we added virtual interviewing tools to the recruiters' arsenal.

Today, we continue to innovate and create new tools which allow recruiters to recruit better, virtually, right at their desks. And now, all of these tools exist in one complete MBA recruitment system, Global Focus®. Here are ten things you can do with this Global Focus® MBA recruitment system that you can’t do with individual resume books:

  1. Access one recruiting system and eliminate the need for multiple links and logins.  
  2. Search across all MBA students and alumni at your selected schools.
  3. Improve collaboration and efficiency within your team with candidate notes and flags.
  4. Send and track personalized batch emails to candidates to invite them to company presentations, schedule phone screens and interviews, drive employment branding messages, email job descriptions and encourage application via your corporate website.
  5. Set up notification emails to automatically search for new candidates matching your needs and email you when new candidates register.
  6. Track activity by an individual or for your entire recruiting team.
  7. Make more informed decisions with enhanced reporting tools.
  8. Use our new JobMatch technology to automatically find candidates that match your job postings.
  9. Schedule and conduct pre-recorded and live video-based interviews.
  10. Attend our annual Connections Conference with leading MBA recruitment and career service professionals from top schools and companies.

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Ryan Pratt

Marketing and Business Development

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