Top 10 biggest challenges for MBA recruiters in 2013



MBA Focus recruiting and career services tips for 2013


Every recruiter deals with the challenges of the current economic state -- not enough time, money, or resources -- but beyond those basic pains MBA recruiters must also deal with these more complicated issues.

Despite predicted improvements to the MBA recruitment landscape in 2013, many employers will still lack simple solutions to the following problems:

  1. Finding leadership talent that matches your company's culture.
  2. Keeping your company's brand top-of-mind when candidates start seeking.
  3. Finding up-to-date resumes and job-seeker profiles.
  4. Making a personal connection with candidates.
  5. Flagging & tagging candidates to give to hiring manager.
  6. Finding students "still seeking" each Spring.
  7. Filling the pipeline with elite, diverse, and international talent.
  8. Analyzing current recruitment efforts to make improvements in near future.
  9. Managing and simplifying the on-campus recruitment schedule/calendar.
  10. Getting access to MBA students earlier in the process.

In the coming year MBA Focus will tackle these challenges (plus others) and attempt to alleviate these pains by sharing best practices from our network of leading employers. If you'd like to sign up for these monthly tips based on 100+ collective years of experience in MBA recruitment please click here and select the "Best Practice Tips for Employers" email subscription.



Ryan Pratt

Ryan Pratt is the Vice President of Marketing and Research at GradLeaders. During his 10+ years at GradLeaders, the network has grown to have now helped over 600,000 employers and 26,500,000 students from more than 1,000 schools around the world. Ryan graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

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