Our Thanksgiving day-tabase of Job-Seeking Students

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we'd like to give thanks to all of our school and employer partners for your ongoing business, best practice sharing, and support. We’re so thankful that you’ve chosen to be a part of our network and to partner with us to help millions of students find their dream jobs each year.

With that mutual goal in mind, this Thanksgiving, we’d also like to give thanks to all of the job-seeking students participating in our GradLeaders Recruiting database by highlighting their unique educational background, work experience and career preferences to anyone interested in hiring them. Our student recruitment tool, GradLeaders Recruiting, is a comprehensive database of nearly 1 million students from 500 schools around the world and is used by employers to quickly find right-fit student talent for their unique hiring needs. This searchable online resume database not only has a standardized list of searchable job-seeker profile questions but can also be filtered by keyword. A quick search of our students’ resumes turns up some interesting keywords, including:

  • 1,341 students’ resumes that mention the word "Turkey"
  • 9,507 resumes with the word “Pie”
  • 4,738 resumes with “Corn”
  • 133 resumes with “Stuffing”
  • 1,847 resumes with “Thanks”
  • 13,565 resumes with “Football”
  • 28,039 resumes with “Family”
  • 355 resumes with “Pilgrim”
  • And we even found 15 resumes with the word “Cornucopia” listed

Students also listed these notable Thanksgiving Day companies in their work or internship experience as previous employers:

  • 515 students with previous work or internship experience with the “NFL”
  • Butterball: 9 students
  • Eberly: 24
  • Murray's: 14
  • Plainville: 83
  • Macy's: 1,405
  • Apple: 7,128

And did you know that even though Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada that several other places around the world observe similar celebrations? It’s true. Below is a list of countries which celebrate Thanksgiving and the number of students in our database who are authorized to work in each of those countries:

  • Canada: 1,362
  • Germany: 127
  • Grenada: 19
  • Japan: 188
  • Korea: 333
  • Liberia: 28
  • Netherlands: 63
  • Norfolk Island: 20

We hope you found this special Thanksgiving blog post fun and perhaps even helpful. We’d love to hear from you—what are you thankful for this academic year and recruiting season? Contact us to share. 


Ryan Pratt

Marketing and Business Development

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