SHOCKER! Students love their phones

Something we all suspected – your students are living more and more on their mobile devices!  Let’s examine some data from your GradLeaders platform to further prove that assumption. 

Across our business school partners, there have been over 7 million student logins in the past 24 months.  Almost 1 million of those sessions have been on mobile devices! The blue chart below shows the percentage of student logins that are on mobile devices, broken down by month.  As an example, in July 2019, 14.8% of all student logins are on mobile devices.


Percent of all student logins on mobile devices

The trend is unmistakably up, and at a fairly rapid pace. How quickly is student mobile use increasing? This second chart shows the year-over-year rate of increase by month. As an example, in July 2019, the percentage of mobile sessions increased over July 2018 by 28.1%. 


Year over year growth rate of student mobile usage


While much of what your students need to do can be accomplished much easier on a laptop, they are trending more and more towards using your GradLeaders system on their mobile devices. I would categorize the pace of this change as more of a revolution than an evolution. Expect another 20%-25% increase in these numbers during this upcoming academic year.


What should you do?

  • Consider mobile devices as you prepare content for student dashboards! Fewer words means less phone scrolling.
  • Note the trend for heavier mobile use during the summers, as many students leave campus. Dashboard position is vital – most critical item needs to be at the top.
  • Keep things like company event and workshop descriptions brief and use bulleted lists when possible.

If you have questions about the mobile usage rate specifically for your campus, just ask us. We are happy to help you get that data!



Dave Hoy

Dave, Senior Vice President, is a co-founder of GradLeaders. He has been immersed in the on-line recruiting business since 1990, and helped pioneer the first resume database products that were distributed to recruiters.

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