Search Student Club Databases to Find Diverse Talent on Campus

A core benefit of GradLeaders Recruiting is one-stop searching across our network of partner MBA and MS schools. This capability is a significant time saver and always assures a broad and diverse candidate pipeline.

As a GradLeaders Recruiting partner, you also are empowered to conduct granular school specific searches. Many partner schools have their own specialized questions and answer sets. For example, a school may have a unique name for a club or have extra candidate profile questions and answers that other schools lack. Unless you are intimately familiar with each school’s unique set of questions and answers, you could miss out on all of the rich profile data available for sourcing best-fit candidates.

We've created a cheat sheet to help you!

When searching for a specific candidate profile, you can use our glossary of clubs by school for each of the unique club names. We've organized them by category. Here's a short list of some of the clubs you'll find on our cheat sheet:


Carnegie Mellon – Tepper Out@Tepper
Carnegie Mellon – Tepper Gay Straight Alliance
Chicago – Booth Booth Pride Group
Chicago – Booth Gays and Lesbians in Business
Chicago – Booth OUTreach
Columbia Business School Cluster Q
Cornell – Johnson Out for Business
Duke - Fuqua FuquaPride
Emory - Goizueta Gay and Lesbian Business Association
 Michigan – Ross  Out for Business
 Minnesota – Carlson  Compass
 New York - Stern  OutClass
 Northwestern – Kellogg  Pride@Kellogg (P@K)
 UC Berkeley – Haas  Q@Haas (Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual association)
 USC – Marshall  Marshall Pride
 Virginia - Darden  Pride at Darden (PAD)


Carnegie Mellon – Tepper Military Veterans Club
Chicago – Booth Armed Forces Group
Columbia Business School  Military in Business Association
Cornell - Johnson Veterans Club 
Duke - Fuqua Duke Armed Forces Association
Emory - Goizueta Veterans Club
Michigan – Ross Armed Forces Association @ Ross – AFA @Ross
MIT – Sloan Veterans Association
New York – Stern Military Veterans Club
Northwestern – Kellogg Veterans Association
USC – Marshall Marshall Military Veterans Association
Virginia - Darden Darden Military Association (DMA)


Carnegie Mellon – Tepper Black Business Association
Carnegie Mellon – Tepper Latin American Business Club
Chicago – Booth African American MBA Association
Chicago – Booth Chicago African Business Group
Chicago – Booth Coalition of Minorities in Business
Chicago – Booth Hispanic American Business Students Association
Chicago – Booth Latin American Business Group
Columbia Business School Black Business Students Association
Columbia Business School Hispanic Business Association 
Columbia Business School Latin American and Hispanic Business Association 
Cornell – Johnson Black Graduate Business Association
Cornell – Johnson Hispanic American Business Leaders Association (HABLA)
Cornell – Johnson Johnson Africa Business Society
Cornell – Johnson Latin American Business Association
Duke - Fuqua  Black and Latino MBA Organization – BLMBAO
Duke - Fuqua  Latin American Student Association (LASA)
Emory - Goizueta African American Business Association
Emory - Goizueta CGSM
Emory - Goizueta Hispanic Business Association
Emory - Goizueta Latin American Business Association
HEC Paris Latin Club
Michigan – Ross Africa Business Club
Michigan – Ross Association of Latino Professionals for America
Michigan – Ross Black Business Students Association
Michigan – Ross  Black Business Undergraduate Society
Michigan – Ross  Hispanic and Latin Business Students Association
 MIT – Sloan  Africa Business Club
MIT – Sloan Black Business Students Association
MIT – Sloan Hispanic Business Club
New York – Stern Association of Hispanic & Black Students
New York – Stern Latin American Business Association
New York – Stern Stern in Africa
Northwestern – Kellogg Africa Business Club
Northwestern – Kellogg Black Management Association (BMA)
Northwestern – Kellogg Hispanic Management Association
Northwestern – Kellogg Latin American, Hispanic & Iberian Management Association (LAHIMA)
Northwestern – Kellogg Native American Business Association (NABA)
UC Berkeley – Haas Latin American Business Club
UC Berkeley – Haas Latin American and Hispanic Business Association
USC – Marshall  Black Graduate Business Leaders (BGBL)
USC – Marshall  Latino Management and Business Association (LMBA)
Virginia - Darden Black Business Student Forum (BBSF)
Virginia - Darden Darden African Business Association (DABO)
Virginia - Darden Hispanic American Network at Darden (HAND)
Virginia - Darden Latin American Student Association (LASA)


Arizona – Eller MBA Women International
Arizona State – Carey National Association of Women MBAs
Arizona State – Carey Women International
Boston College – Carroll Women in Business Association
Carnegie Mellon – Tepper Women in Business Association
Chicago – Booth  Chicago Women in Business
Chicago – Booth  Graduate Women in Business
China Europe International Business School  Business Woman Club
Columbia Business School Columbia Women in Business
Cornell – Johnson Women’s Management Council
Emory - Goizueta Women in Business Association
HEC Paris Women in Leadership
Michigan – Ross Michigan Business Women
MIT – Sloan Sloan Women in Management (SWIM)
New York – Stern Stern Women in Business
Northwestern – Kellogg Women’s Business Association (WBA)
Pepperdine – Graziadio MBA Women International
Tennessee – Haslam  National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA)
TCU – Neeley MBA Women International
UC Berkeley – Haas Women in Leadership (WIL)
USC - Marshall Graduate Women in Business (GWIB)
Virginia - Darden Graduate Women in Business (GWIB)
Washington – Foste Women in Business

To see the full list, see our Diversity Clubs Cheat Sheet.



Amy King

Strategic Corporate Partnerships

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