Salary expectations of MBA degree holders


Our exclusive network of MBA talent gives us access to the career profiles of over 70,000 MBA students and alumni from the world's top-ranked business schools. These career profiles tell us a lot about the demographics of the current MBA population, including industry preferences, function preferences, work experiences, geographic preferences, and salary expectations.

Surprisingly, this year's graduating class of MBA students has very similar salary expectations to their experienced counterparts already in the workforce. Roughly 50% of all MBAs, whether still in school or alumni, expect to earn between $100,000 and $200,000 next year. And a mere 5-6% of MBAs expect to earn less than $65,000.

There are some differences which shouldn't surprise you though, including a 5% jump in $300,000+ range for business leaders with post-MBA experience.

Here is the data, including charts and graphs for both populations:


$300k plus: 2.64%

$250k-$300k: 2.64%

$200k-$250k: 7.45%

$150k-$200k: 18.27%

$100k-$150k: 30.29%

$80k-$100k: 21.15%

$65k-$80k: 11.06%

$50k-$65k: 6.49%



$300k plus: 7.14%

$250k-$300k: 4.07%

$200k-$250k: 9.53%

$150k-$200k: 20.73%

$100k-$150k: 31.90%

$80k-$100k: 14.79%

$65k-$80k: 6.82%

$50k-$65k: 5.01%

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Ryan Pratt

Marketing and Business Development

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