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The next evolution of First Destinations and the data informed career center is predictive and prescriptive analytics. Many in the career services industry have risen to the challenge to either assist in, or own the process of delivering post-graduation outcomes information to our Vice Presidents, Presidents, and Board of Trustees. But what is the next big question? How do we get in front of that and position career services as the expert?

Well, with good data we can ascertain what happened and with some analysis we can understand why it happened. The next steps are to answer, “What will happen?”, and “How can we make our desired state of nature happen?” Predictive and prescriptive analytics work to answer these questions. With the answers to these questions, we can remove barriers and gather resources to support our impactful programs and services. Come learn from one institution about our continuing journey to become the next generation data informed career center.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Steps to take in preparation for predictive and prescriptive analytics
  2. Examples of using data to influence funding and programming support
  3. Forecasting as the missing link in Demings cycle of improvement: Plan, Do, Check, FORECAST; Act


PRESENTER: Jim McAtee, Director for the Career Center Ball State University

Jim McAtee serves as the Director for the Career Center at Ball State University. He has over 19 years experience in the employment business both in industry and higher education. Jim earned his M.B.A. from East Carolina University, is a trained Career Development Facilitator, and recently completed his post-graduate certificate in Institutional Effectiveness.

He has served as President for the North Carolina Cooperative Education Association, has presented at NACE, MWACE, and many other associations on the use of data and positioning Career Services to impact performance-based funding metrics such as retention, persistence, 4-year graduation rates, and post-graduation outcomes, as well as other topics.

Jim serves as a subject-matter expert on workforce and career development for projects in collaboration with the World Bank and the U.S. Department of State, developing programs and Career Centers overseas.

The Ball State University Career Center serves 21,000 students and is a comprehensive career center delivering On-Campus Student Employment, Career and Professional Development, Employer Relations and Recruitment, Retention Programs, and Connecting Activities.

Regional ACE webinars are designed specifically to meet the professional development needs of Regional ACE members, but participation is open to anyone who wishes to register.

GradLeaders is very pleased to have the privilege of supporting the Regional ACEs and providing this service to our professional community. On behalf of the four regional Associations of Colleges and Employers (Eastern, Midwest, Mountain Pacific and Southern), I would like to encourage you to register for the upcoming Regional ACE Webinar – Powered by GradLeaders:

WHAT: The Data Informed Career Center: Moving Towards Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Presented by MWACE

WHEN: October 27th, 2016 2 PM/EST Regional ACE Webinar Cost: $59




Max Wartel

Max Wartel is GradLeaders’ Head of Research and Analysis and is heavily involved with administration and development of The Outcomes Survey – the national standard for gathering first destination outcomes data on recent college graduates. Max has a Master's Degree in Communication and is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. He is an active researcher on a variety of topics related to higher education and to communication.

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