Featured Employer Showcase: Progressive | Product Management at Progressive offers unexpected perks

Finding a job that excites and challenges you is great. Finding that job at a company where you feel valued and motivated to stay long-term is even better. When Progressive Product Manager Femi Kolade first learned about the Product Manager role at the company, he was drawn in. When he discovered all that Progressive offers—from culture to commitment to his development—he was hooked.


For Progressive Product Manager Femi Kolade, it wasn’t Progressive’s recognizable brand and surprisingly different corporate culture that first caught his attention. It was the job itself.

“I was really drawn to the way Progressive’s Product Managers are empowered to manage their own P&L, and I liked the simplicity of their strategy: grow profitably,” explains Femi. “Plus, I knew I wanted to be a leader in the organization—to career path to senior management—and at Progressive, this role is known for that kind of development.”


Valued as an employee, empowered as a leader

While the role was appealing, it wasn’t until he started researching the company that Femi discovered other aspects that made him feel this was an organization he might stay with long-term. He liked the focus on people—learning that employees are truly valued—and the fact that how the company accomplishes goals is just as important as actually accomplishing them. Coming from a manufacturing background, it felt like a nice change of scenery for him.

“The more I looked into the company and talked to people here, the more I liked it,” says Femi. And his passion for Progressive has only grown since stepping into the role.

“You have the opportunity to own your strategy from beginning to end,” explains Femi. “Every decision you make—from simple to complex—is data-driven. As you see trends or potential issues, you analyze the numbers to see what’s driving it—you want to be able to prove to yourself and to others that your recommendations make sense. Then you make a decision on best next steps, implement those—laddering to your strategy—and live with your decision. Owning strategy like that is rare in this kind of role.”


A balanced blend of independence and collaboration

While it’s wonderful to have that kind of independence, Femi also likes the collaboration that comes with the job. Coming from a consulting role, he was good at structuring a problem, identifying the right questions to ask, and then bringing together people to help arrive at answers. He loves that he’s still using those skills every day. 

As Femi puts is, “You have autonomy and you’re responsible for setting strategies to ensure your state or area is growing profitably, but you also have people and resources in place to help you make smart decisions. For that, and so many other reasons, I really enjoy this role.”

Femi Kolade is a commercial auto product manager at Progressive. Progressive, in business since 1937, is the fourth largest auto insurer in the country. For more information on Progressive’s product manager role or to sign up to stay connected to the company, click here



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