New Virtual Services that Career Centers Should be Offering This Fall

New Virtual Services Career Centers Should be Offering This Fall

No matter if students are on-campus or learning remotely, career centers will continue working hard to turn students’ career dreams into a reality. In order to continue helping students during these unprecedented times, career centers must adapt to the changing world by creating a stronger virtual presence. By creating more virtual experiences, career centers can stay connected with students in order to provide extra support and better prepare them for the changing professional world. Virtual services allow students to receive one-on-one training from a career coach or advisor from wherever they feel comfortable. 

Here are a few virtual services career centers should be providing to their students this fall:

Virtual Workshops: Today, students need more help creating and navigating their career path than ever before. Interactive virtual workshops and training sessions help students efficiently plan for their job search. Students can choose from a wide range of topics to get the personalized help they may need. Here are a few creative suggestions:  

  • Resume & Social Media Profile Critique WorkshopHelp students improve their resumes/CVs and online job-seeker profiles to become competitive candidates who stand out among their peers.  
  • Creating Multiple Cover Letter TemplatesTeach students how to create a compelling cover letter for every scenario, opportunity and type of employers that best shares their most relevant professional story with employers.  
  • Networking CoachingProvide students with helpful tips and tricks to remember during their job search and networking events.
  • Financial Literacy Workshop: Now’s the chance to teach students how to become financially responsible before entering the real world. 

Text Messaging Capabilities: Text messaging allows students to quickly connect with their advisors and career coaches. When an in-person meeting or virtual appointment isn’t necessary and students need a prompt answer, text messaging is the most efficient solution. 

Virtual Advisor Coaching Appointments: This allows students to meet with advisors and career coaches virtually through face-to-face video calls. Students may need these appointments for a variety of reasons including resume writing advice, salary negotiation tips, offer comparison insights, etc. One-on-one virtual meetings ensure that students can still receive the personalized attention they need while staying safe.   

Virtual Career Fairs and Company Presentations: Hosting a virtual career fair or employer presentations are a great way for students to interact with employers while staying safe. It allows more students and employers to connect by eliminating the restrictions of traveling.  

Virtual Mentor Meeting and Alumni Relationship Building: Allow students to virtually meet alumni who have similar degrees, majors, concentrations, club affiliations, and career interests. Giving students the opportunity to connect with alumni is a great way to build their network while learning from their experiences. Alumni can provide valuable advice, answer questions, and introduce students to new ideas.  

Need help providing any of these services or looking for best practice advice? Don’t hesitate to contact us. After 30+ years in this industry we’ve seen it all. Plus, we’ve got some really cool virtual career service tools to simplify any of the above.


Emily Mowry

Summer 2020 Intern studying Journalism, Marketing and Real Estate at Ohio University

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