New Mobile-First Employer Interface is Live!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released a mobile version of the GradLeaders Career Center employer experience.  This extensive redesign of the employer portal is focused on creating engaging, thoughtful and logical interfaces based on our comprehensive review of system activity over the past decade.

What’s New?

Menu Navigation - The new menu has been moved to the left side of the screen for a more mobile-optimized experience, and now includes a “hamburger” button displayed at the top of the screen to promote simple navigation. Employers will have quick access to their room reservations, job postings, on-campus requests, interviews, events, candidates and everything else they need, right at their fingertips.

Dashboard – Our completely redesigned dashboard is a culmination of an extensive project that started with evaluation of where employers were frequently clicking. This informed the placement of the main widgets on the dashboard to make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

Calendar Widget - We know that employers are always on-the-go and need a fast, convenient way to see what events they have coming up. That’s why we moved the calendar view to the top of the screen. Now, they can see upcoming events that they’ve signed up for, right when they log in.

 Active + Expired Job Postings Widget – This widget displays the top 5 active job postings and recently expired postings by employers. A blue button makes it easy for recruiters to go to the main Job Postings page and make any necessary modifications or add new job postings.

Revamped Room Reservations, OCR Requests, and Interviews – No matter what type of recruiting event employers are looking to schedule, our enhanced tools enable a streamlined process for all their needs. They can add requests seamlessly, by clicking the add button on the top right of the screen for any event type. The system will only display dates that are available, and they can schedule appointments from right within the calendar.Custom Branding – As always, we’ve maintained our individualized school marketing, specific to each institution, so employers recognize that this is the school’s platform. Additionally, many parts of the system can be universally changed to reflect specific recruiting processes and language.

Other user experience updates include:

  • New “Preview as Candidate” option for employers to see how their job postings, interviews, etc. look to students
  • Revamped tabs on details screens so all information is in one "thumb-able" line that's easy to switch back-and-forth between
  • "Next Actions" now exist in one elipses button instead of several for easy navigation
  • Now just one simple “Add Request” button instead of multiple for each type of OCR request
  • Date selection questions only allow employers to select from valid date ranges

Do your employer partners need more information?

Direct them to the Employer Support Portal, complete with guides, videos and best practices so they can get the most out of our software.


Catie Ewen

Catie Ewen joined the GradLeaders team to create strategic, industry-related marketing and sales materials. Primarily responsible for content and digital marketing efforts, Catie helps GradLeaders build and maintain its brand, while promoting its exclusive network, recruitment technology, and career management tools. Catie graduated from Miami University in 2014, with dual degrees in both Journalism and Mass Communications.

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