New, Faster RESTful APIs for GradLeaders Career Center

GradLeaders has updated our APIs for GradLeaders Career Center customers to now be RESTful APIs instead of SOAP APIs.

Note: Customers already utilizing the SOAP APIs today will not be affected. However, an end-of-life date in the distant future for these legacy SOAP APIs will be announced at a later date.

Why RESTful APIs?

RESTful is now the most widely-adopted architecture style for APIs. They are easier to implement and faster. “Fetch” limits have also been removed and replaced by a much more robust “pagination” system that also allows filtering results by any custom field. The new API documentation is also significantly better. We now provide a comprehensive Postman collection (“Developers use Postman to build modern software for the API-first world.”).  Our collection allows developers implementing our APIs to have an out-of-the-box working example as well as generate source code for dozens of different programming languages.

To learn more about these APIs, check out our new RESTful API documentation.

Please forward this message to your technical team as well.


Darrell Dewese

Darrell, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of GradLeaders, began his career in the career services and recruiting industry in 1999 as an applications developer at Resume-Link, and now has total oversight of all aspects related to product development provided by GradLeaders.

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