MultiPost Enhancements to Increase Opportunities for Students at Our Partner Schools

In some ways, our MultiPost product, launched in 2009, was like ZipRecruiter before ZipRecruiter even existed. It gives employers a tool to quickly distribute job postings to multiple GradLeaders partner schools with the click of a button. It's a time savings tool that makes recruiters' jobs easier. And over the past decade and thousands of job postings later, it's as much as doubled the number of full-time and internship opportunities at our partner schools.

"GradLeaders, through their MultiPost job board, has increased career opportunities for my students by 30%," said Marilyn Eckelman, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs at Boston College Carroll School of Management. "This is the real value of our partnership."

With MultiPost, you can give your students access to more degree-appropriate jobs flowing into your main school job board and still approve or decline these job postings as you see fit. But now, employers can use your platform to share jobs with peer or target schools for free! 

Here is how it works:

  1. Employers post jobs just as they do now. 
  2. When the posting is saved and posted to your school, employers are presented with an option to distribute to other core schools for free or share with our entire school network for a small service fee.
  3. Employers can then select schools of interest and finalize the post for distribution within your career center platform.

What does this mean for your career center staff, your students, and your employers?

  • More targeted jobs and internship opportunities intended specifically for your students
  • Additional jobs flow directly into your school-branded job board only after you approve them
  • The GradLeaders team will screen jobs posted from other school platforms prior to your review
  • Recruiters are happy because they can post to relevant schools in one platform with just a few additional clicks
  • You retain control over which jobs and employers are available to students

Ready to join the GradLeaders MultiPost school network? Contact us today.


Ryan Pratt

Marketing and Business Development

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