Move Beyond Traditional Job Postings


Concerned that the number of qualified candidates responding to your job postings is in free-fall? Feel like you’re wasting time copy and pasting the same opportunity from one job board to the next?

All too often, recruiters post their company’s openings to generic job boards and end up flooded with unqualified candidates, and not one person to fill the job. On the flip side, posting an opening to specific job boards, school-by-school, can be time consuming and ultimately limit your options.

With MultiPost, integrated within our Global Focus recruitment platform, employers can efficiently target quality candidates at as many or as few of our partner schools as desired. With one job form, recruiters can access top international programs and reach candidates from more than 75 schools, including hard-to-reach alumni. This gives employers the chance to build their own job postings, customizing the job distribution list however they prefer.

After every posting, our JobMatch technology automatically searches the pool of current job seekers and returns a list of candidates that match the job requirements, making the job board the first step in a more proactive and effective sourcing process. Additionally, students in our database sign up for JobMatch alerts, so they can be notified directly with recently posted jobs that match their preferences and qualifications. The more information you include, the better the match will be.

This innovative technology helps recruiters move beyond old-fashioned job postings and reach an exclusive database of business leadership talent in a timely, effective manner.



Todd Erdy

Strategic Corporate Partnerships

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