MEET DAVE: GradLeaders' resident data expert, Dave Hoy, talks about his affection for data analysis, M&Ms, baseball, and beach vacations.

Dave has been with GradLeaders since the beginning, as president of MBAFocus in 2003. Since then, he’s filled many roles and now serves as Business Intelligence Specialist.

As a self-identified “data nerd”, Dave’s primary focus is development of the Looker product and assisting customers with their data. He enjoys deriving meaningful information from data. He also helps the support team with difficult issues, assists with sales presentations, and helps plan product enhancements. And, while he thinks his co-workers at GradLeaders are pretty great, Dave’s favorite thing about working at GradLeaders is the M&M machine by the front door. 

Read a Q&A with Dave below, to get to know him a little better – outside of GradLeaders.

Tell me about your education:

I was a math major, education minor, and basketball player at John Carroll University for 2 years, then transferred to Ohio State into the Actuarial Science department. There, I discovered that too much math is, in fact, not a good thing, and I graduated from Franklin University with a B.S. in Computer Management. 

If you could have been anything when you “grew up” what would you be?

While the allure of being a resume database guy is undeniable, I think my true calling was as a sportscaster. I have the passion, knowledge and voice. I usually say things right before the announcer does on TV.

Tell me about your family:

I’ve been married to Julie for 37+ years.  She is an RN with diverse background (orthopedics, urological, and OB/Gyn). She usually could solve the cases before Dr. House did. She recently left the medical field and is working in a local elementary as an intervention specialist for the special needs children. My sons Alex (30) and Sean (26) work for Nationwide and L-Brands respectively. Alex was a lacrosse goalie through high school, and plays to this day. Sean was a baseball pitcher through college and has not touched a baseball since. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love playing poker and watching most sports. My favorite sport is baseball. I’m a fan of Ohio State football and basketball, the Cincinnati Reds, and Cleveland Browns. But, my favorite team is the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL). To relax, I enjoy having a beer on the patio at Local Roots and listening to whatever musician is there.

What do you do on your vacations?

We typically enjoy beach vacations. Jamaica is the most interesting place I’ve ever been, but the place we want to visit again is Hawaii. It’s been a long time…

What about retirement?

If I could retire anywhere, it would be Las Vegas, but Julie would not agree. So, we’ll be wherever is close to our sons.


Favorite movie?
Braveheart or Shawshank Redemption. It’s Impossible to choose. These are followed closely by Pulp Fiction and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

Favorite book?
The Kind Worth Killing – It had me guessing for a long time.

Favorite song/type of music?
I still love old Springsteen songs.

Something very few people know about you?
If I told you it would no longer be true.

Why should I vote for you for President?  

I am honest to a fault, am very good at compromising for the common good, and am OK with the fact that I have terrible hair.

Favorite dessert?

Blueberry pie.

Guilty pleasure?

Second piece of blueberry pie.

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