Introducing the Intern Management System

Developing and deploying successful internship programs can be challenging – especially today.

Are you ready to streamline your internship initiative and maximize results with an effortless end-to-end solution?

The Intern Management System will help you to create an “ecosystem” that empowers you to automate every aspect of your program – from onboarding to daily task lists to professional development to communication tracking and much, much more.

If you would like to learn more about the Intern Management System, we invite you to one of the following presentations and Q&A sessions:

Click on any of the following events to register for a 30 minute webcast:

Thursday, September 17th @ Noon ET

Friday, September 25th @ Noon ET

Thursday, October 1st @ Noon ET

Can't attend one of these times? Contact us today for a 1-on-1 demonstration. 


Dr. Robert Shindell

National leader in the field of experiential education research & consulting

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