Introducing QuickSearch for GradLeaders Recruiting – pre-built searches based on popular roles

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If you could gain another hour or two in the day, what would you do? We’d like to think you would conduct ONE MORE candidate search in GradLeaders Recruiting. No? Grab a drink? See a movie? Go for a run? All GREAT IDEAS!

Well, we can’t add hours to your day, but we CAN help you get a jumpstart on your MBA/Masters or Undergraduate student talent searches.  

We are pleased to announce new QuickSearches – pre-built searches based on popular roles now loaded into your GradLeaders Recruiting account:

GradLeaders QuickSearch

Accessing QuickSearches is super easy. Login to GradLeaders Recruiting then:

  1. Select a QuickSearch after clicking on the image below or click on the “Search” tab then choose “Saved Searches and Agents”
  2. Refine search filters based upon your unique hiring criteria
  3. Save your new QuickSearch

We hope you give our new QuickSearches a whirl and let us know what you think! If there are other key searches you’d like to see added to GradLeaders Recruiting, use the Feature Idea Form on the dashboard to submit your QuickSearch idea (or any other feature ideas you may have)!


Amy King

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