Get Insights from Your Email Metrics with New Data Visualization Tools in GradLeaders Recruiting

We understand the importance of recruitment data. People analytics is all the rage! Time to hire, cost of hire, source of hire… 

Well, GradLeaders is doing our part to provide you with important data as relates to your use of GradLeaders Recruiting to connect with and build relationships with potential leadership hires.  

A while ago you may recall that we launched a “Looker” integration to your GradLeaders Recruiting dashboard. These “looks” show you total candidates searches, prints, exports, and job postings through GradLeaders Recruiting as well as the on-campus activity at GradLeaders’ partner schools. With each “Look” you can export your data to a CSV file to leverage outside of GradLeaders Recruiting in order to understand what works, tweak your recruitment plans, and tell your MBA early talent story.

Now we have empowered you with metrics regarding your use (of lack of use) of messaging to candidates through GradLeaders Recruiting. We recently invested in a new robust email service through Mailgun which enables us to track such things as:

  • Emails sent
  • Delivery rate
  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate 

You can see this data in aggregate as well as per message sent through GradLeaders Recruiting.



Why does it matter?

Understanding your email open and click-through rates will inform you as to content that works, or doesn’t work. It can also illuminate which roles, calls to action, types of events fare best at particular target schools. There is no end to the ways that you, your marketing teams, leadership and hiring managers may conceive of leveraging this data.

And don’t feel like you need to go it alone. The GradLeaders Team is here to help! If Elizabeth and Amy don’t have the answer, they'll pull in our Looker guru, Dave Hoy. He’s always creating fun new “looks” for our school and employer partners. 

So, if you haven’t logged into your GradLeaders Recruiting 2019-2020 subscription in a while, do it! And let us know what you think! Extra points if you provide us with other Looker “look” ideas!

If you aren’t emailing through GradLeaders Recruiting, we would like to understand why. Maybe you email through your CRM, use something like Constant Contact, etc. Either way, we sure would like to discuss as we may learn something new.


Amy King

Strategic Partnerships

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