GDPR Updates From GradLeaders

The team at GradLeaders is very aware of the current European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we’re making some minor changes to our platform, privacy policies, and terms of use as necessary to ensure compliance. As always, GradLeaders is committed to:

  • Protect personal data and keep it secure
  • Comply with national and international standards as well as federal privacy laws
  • Give users the power to control their own data and privacy permissions
  • Help you delete, alter, or export user data as needed

Who Will be Impacted by the GDPR?

If your school, company or organization works with students, recruiters or other individuals in the EU they may fall under the scope of GDPR. This means there are special regulations for how their data is processed and stored.

How Will the GDPR Affect GradLeaders Users?

The GDPR gives individuals in the EU more control over how their data is used and places specific requirements on businesses – like GradLeaders – to comply. GradLeaders will work with you to ensure your constituents are able to update their data, if desired, within our software tools. As part of the new regulations, we’ll be giving users the ability to export their personal data into a CSV file and withdraw their consent to participate in GradLeaders, if they’d like.

The GradLeaders GDPR Commitment

At GradLeaders, we’re committed to working with our EU users to adhere to compliance regulations and assist our partners in achieving their GDPR compliance requirements. We know that maintaining compliance with the GDPR requires a collaborative partnership between GradLeaders and our customers, so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Stay tuned for additional updates and more details coming soon.


Catie Ewen

Catie Ewen joined the GradLeaders team to create strategic, industry-related marketing and sales materials. Primarily responsible for content and digital marketing efforts, Catie helps GradLeaders build and maintain its brand, while promoting its exclusive network, recruitment technology, and career management tools. Catie graduated from Miami University in 2014, with dual degrees in both Journalism and Mass Communications.

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