Early access to MBAs via club resume books

As a partner with the career service office at most of the world's top graduate business schools, MBA Focus offers access to MBAs who are members of specific clubs and associations.

These clubs create a searchable resume database that employers can use to source candidates with specific interests and diverse demographics. Club resume books are a simple centralized source of a school's club members. Each resume book is a searchable online database that recruiters can filter by candidate experience, preferences, keywords, and more.

Here are some of the clubs we offer access to via our Global Focus MBA recruitment system:

  • African Business Association
  • African-American Business Association
  • Arab Business Association
  • Arts and Entertainment Club
  • Asian Business Association
  • Australia / New Zealand Business Association
  • Biotechnology Club
  • Business Leadership Club
  • Canadian Business Association
  • Caribbean Business Association
  • CGSM / Consortium
  • Chinese Business Association
  • Christian Business Association
  • Consulting Club
  • E-Business and Technology Club
  • Economics Club
  • Education Club
  • e-Learning and Knowledge Management Club
  • Emerging Markets Club
  • Energy Club
  • Entrepreneurs Club
  • Environmental Management Club
  • Equity Research Club
  • Ethics Club
  • European Business Association
  • Finance Club
  • Financial Engineering Club
  • French Business Association
  • Gay and Lesbian Business Association
  • General Management Club
  • Healthcare Club
  • Hedge Fund Club
  • Hellenic Business Association
  • Hispanic Business Association
  • Human Resources Management Club
  • India Business Association
  • International Business Club
  • Investment Banking Club
  • Investment Management Club
  • Israel Business Association
  • Japanese Business Association
  • Jewish Business Association
  • Joint Ventures Club
  • Korean Business Association
  • Latin American Business Association
  • Management Consulting Club
  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)
  • Marketing Club
  • Media - Club or Outlet
  • Merger and Acquisition Club
  • Microfinance Club
  • Military in Business Club
  • Muslim Business Association
  • Net Impact / Community Service
  • Non-Profit Club
  • Operations Management Club
  • Other
  • Pacific Rim Business Association
  • Politics and Public Government
  • Private Equity Club
  • Product Design and Manufacturing Club
  • Real Estate Club
  • Retail Club
  • Risk Management Club
  • Sales and Trading Club
  • Science Club
  • Small Business Consulting Club
  • South American Business Association
  • Sports - Club or Competitive
  • Strategic Operations Club
  • Student Government
  • Technology Club
  • Telecommunications Club
  • Toastmasters / Public Speaking Club
  • Transportation Club
  • Venture Capital Club
  • Veterans Club
  • West Coast Business Association
  • Wine / Beer Club
  • Women in Business Association

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Ryan Pratt

Marketing and Business Development

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