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Did you read the article in the Harvard Business Review = Firms Are Wasting Millions Recruiting On Only a Few Campuses?  Are you finding yourself in an MBA recruitment comfort zone? Skilled MBA candidates can be found at every graduate business school, regardless of size, rank and location. Many employers limit their recruitment efforts by singling out schools in their “backyard”, focusing on a small number of top-ranked business schools, sticking to old habits, or simply recruiting from the alma maters of their senior executives year-after-year. As recruiters look to find the leadership candidate "needle in the recruitment haystack," a diversified search can help them discover high-potential candidate sets they would have otherwise missed.

Any graduate business school student is ahead of the game, going above and beyond in pursuit of higher education in preparation for the future. Value isn’t always defined by a “top five” reputation. Take a lesson from some of the most well-known names in business: Google and McKinsey.

Every summer, the company brings on hundreds of MBA students, many of whom later become full time Googlers. McKinsey, the world renowned consulting firm, is always on the lookout for exceptional candidates worldwide. In addition to the skills gained working at McKinsey, employees become part of a 30,000-person alumni network -- including big name former employees like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman -- spanning dozens of industries across the globe. "A McKinsey network can be the best career tool a person can have," says director of global recruiting, Brian Rolfes.

By strategically sourcing talent from a larger pool of candidates online, virtual recruitment allows companies to explore MBA talent across the board. Instead of narrowing a search by school or location, recruiters can use a global search to discover valuable candidates based off of their experiences, skills, preferences, group involvement, etc. Whether a job requires a Mandarin speaking consultant with a marketing background, or a French speaking financial advisor from the west coast, the comprehensive GradLeaders Recruiting database and its advanced search capabilities will help you extend your reach to business leaders from more than 60 leading graduate business schools around the world.


Ryan Pratt

Marketing and Business Development

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