An integrated OCR system for MBA recruiters


Are you recruiting at five or more campuses? If so, you probably struggle to manage all your on-campus recruiting (OCR) calendars and events. But now there's a simple way to manage all your OCR activities with Global Focus.

Global Focus® is the only recruitment management system that gives you direct access to the world’s best MBA talent. Our exclusive partnerships with 24 of the world’s 25 top-ranked MBA programs and a total of 70+ graduate business schools makes us the go-to resource for MBA recruitment and leadership talent acquisition.


Now you can manage all of your individual school logins and specific events with direct, convenient access to our GTS partner schools’ OCR systems.

With OCR Integration you can

  • Access GTS network school logins directly from within Global Focus
  • View all of your upcoming events directly from your Global Focus dashboard
  • Connect your targeted schools to your recruitment management system
  • Eliminate the need for multiple logins when accessing on-campus recruiting systems
  • Track non-GTS school events in a single location
  • View each daily event for the entire academic year with new master calendars

For more information, contact MBA Focus or schedule a one-on-one demo.



Dave Hoy

Dave, Senior Vice President, is a co-founder of GradLeaders. He has been immersed in the on-line recruiting business since 1990, and helped pioneer the first resume database products that were distributed to recruiters.

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