August 2016

The team at GradLeaders thanks you for being a customer and has timely information to share about our product stabilization and innovation efforts, as well as industry news to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in career management.

Stability Updates and Upcoming Enhancements

We’re exceedingly pleased by the progress that has been made on our stability and innovation projects, including:

  • a 92% reduction in urgent defects over the past year
  • an all-new Service Request Process
  • a new hosting environment which will bring faster speeds and improved uptime
  • a new customer support portal within Netsuite 

As a reminder, the CSO System will continue to be supported and enhanced through the summer of 2018 at minimum. With this in mind, we are releasing a number of improvements to the CSO System including:

  • Real Resume PDF Conversion Improvements: When Word documents were previously uploaded through the CSO System, each document was converted to a PDF file through Microsoft Word resulting in a slow process, frequent errors, and often times the PDF created was not an accurate representation of the original document. Our new solution converts the document through Real Resume, a tool that has worked flawlessly within the GradLeaders Career Center platform (formerly known as GTS®) for many years. This change will be transparent to the user but should improve the user experience through improved performance.
  • New ActivePDF Resume Packet Creation Tool: This new tool will improve the stability of resume packet creation and reduce the number of failed packets. This change will also be transparent to the user but should improve the user experience through improved performance.
  • Email Deliverability Enhancements and MailGun Integration: With this new integration, emails sent through the CSO System will now be routed by instead of our own SMTP servers. This will improve the adherence to web standards and will prevent mail from getting stuck in spam filters due to address spoofing. As a result of this new integration and security update to prevent phishing, mail recipients may see a difference in the “from” address and/or an “on behalf of” faculty member name based on the user who initiated the email depending on email provider (Gmail, Office365, etc.).
  • New System Event HTML Email Templates: Emails sent through the CSO System previously used a Microsoft Word mail merge templating and conversion system that was resource intensive and slow, resulting in backed up email queues and delays in sending in times of high volume email campaigns. The new system uses a template formatted in standard HTML, the native format of email, so there is no conversion necessary. Admin users can now simply edit an email template within a new HTML editor and select from a pick list of all available merge fields. Each school’s current default and custom email templates will be converted to the new template format using a new backend conversion utility. We recommend previewing each of the templates for accuracy. We will provide a page to quickly look them over once the conversion is complete.

These improvements will result in a smoother fall and less hectic recruiting season for all of our school partners.

Three New Employer Connection Features Coming Soon!

Here’s an overview of what’s happening: CSO Connect and Global Focus Undergrad will soon be replaced by two new CSO System features, GradLeaders Recruiting Database Inclusion and MultiPost Job Network Integration, that will immediately increase your students' visibility to potential employers and allow student-specific and degree-appropriate jobs to flow directly into your CSO System job board.

GradLeaders Recruiting Database Inclusion

We know you want your students to have access to as many opportunities as possible, but that it’s critically important for students to have control over how they can be viewed and contacted by employers. With that in mind, we are launching a new GradLeaders Recruiting Database Inclusion feature that will make it even easier for your students to be offered jobs from our trusted corporate partners who have been approved to access the GradLeaders Recruiting database.

MultiPost Job Network Integration

Join the MultiPost Job Distribution Network and increase the number of opportunities you put in front of your job-seeking students. Your school’s jobs and contacts are yours – using the new MultiPost Job Network Integration  feature won’t change that; you can still manage and control your school’s jobs and contacts – this just makes it easier for employers with access to the GradLeaders Recruting platform and MultiPost recruitment tools to post jobs to your school. The CSO System (and GradLeaders Career Center) are private, secure databases of your contacts and data. This information is not shared among our network of schools.

Way Up

WayUp Co-Registration Partner

WayUp is a new CSO System co-registration partner focused on helping students gain exposure to more employers. Recently highlighted in Inc. Magazine, TechCruch, and Forbes, WayUp is as another great resource for students across the country to explore careers!

Simplify Career Event Management
with the Credit Card Processing Add-On

The CSO System credit card processing is an option specific to your school’s individual career events that allows you to accept credit card payments from employers and/or students directly through the CSO System.

How does it work? If you elect to use credit card processing for your career events, GradLeaders will collect the career event payments charged to credit cards by employers and/or students. After your career event is over and finalized, GradLeaders will issue a check to you that will include all collected payments minus a 5% service charge.

GradLeaders Career Center

Mobile Friendly Redesign + GAP Project Updates

As a reminder, all functionality in the CSO System today will be included in GradLeaders Career Center and, in fact, 80% of the CSO System’s functionality is already a part of GradLeaders Career Center. A portion of the remaining 20% of functionality has been completed and the rest is on the roadmap for completion over the coming months and in the 2017-18 academic year. This summer’s release will include the redesign of our GradLeaders Career Center student interface as part of our Interaction Design (IxD) Project. We’ve conducted a comprehensive review of activities performed within our system over the past decade and this analysis has resulted in a data-driven user experience (UX) redesign of our platform. See below for an example of the new student dashboard on a desktop computer:

Phase 2 of this project is nearly complete - once final, the redesign will dramatically improve the user interface of our career service software and will allow your students to easily and effectively access your career service offerings on all devices from desktops to tablets and mobile phones.

Recap and Key Takeaways

More than 244 people from 158 schools participated in 40 training and networking sessions at the CSO System Training and Networking Conference in Austin, Texas from May 17-20th. For more about the Conference check us out on Facebook or search #csoconf on Twitter and Instagram.

Did you miss this year's conference but would like to access to session material?

Upcoming Events

Save the Dates for 2017 Conferences

There’s a lot to already look forward to in 2017 including:

  • A bigger-and-better combined User Conference in May 23-25, 2017 in Austin, TX with program tracks for CSO System users, GradLeaders Career Center users, undergraduate career service professionals, MBA career service professionals, and more
  • Our 12th annual MBA Connections Conference in April 2017 in Columbus, OH
  • And an all-new Campus Connections Conference in May 22-23, 2017 in Austin, TX which for the first time will connect professionals from our undergrad school and corporate partners to discuss new careers services and campus recruitment strategies, trends, and best practices

More Upcoming Events and Tradeshows

In addition to our own conferences, GradLeaders attends and sponsors a wide variety of industry-related events throughout the year. Here are a few of the upcoming events on our schedule:

Prospanica Conference & Career Expo: September 29th - October 1st in Houston, Texas 19th
19th Annual ROMBA Conference: October 6-8, 2016 in Dallas, TX

National Black MBA® Conference & Exposition: October 11-15, 2016 in New Orleans, LA

Contact us for more info about any of these events.

The GradLeaders Team

Tim Walsh,
Chief Revenue Officer

Meet Our Growing Team

Tim Walsh joins us as Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for ensuring customer success and growing our top line. Tim has over 20 years of leadership experience in sales, business development, and marketing in both technology and financial institutions. Recently, Tim served as a Global Vice President with SAP, where he focused on building their cloud CRM and Digital Marketing offerings under the Hybris brand. Prior to that, Tim led teams at and IBM, while consistently working with startups in his hometown area of Detroit. Tim’s early career was with Citibank, including positions in Zurich, Switzerland and Bucharest, Romania, where he helped establish a new subsidiary bank for Citi. Tim and his wife of 20 years have three kids, which happily occupy his free hours.

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